Hot Tourist Destinations of Northeast

West Tripura

Diwali Festival

Tripura, the abode of many tribal groups dazzles in the festival of Diwali. The north eastern state throbs with the sounds of fireworks and firecrackers a couple of days after the Durga Puja. The best places to visit during the festival of light are Sundari temple near Matabari in Gomati district. People throng in thousands in the Hindu shrine to join the religious fervour. Both the tribal and non tribal devotees visit the shrine after the holy dip on a lake at a stone’s throw distance from the crowded temple.

Kharchi Festivals

The north eastern state of Tripura is proud of a number of festivals that help the unique cultures and traditions survive. Kharchi puja is one of these events to showcase the state’s rich socio cultural heritage. The ethnic tribal people here believe that they have 14 god who originated in war and conflict. “Khar” means to flee while “Si” stands means “to know”. Thus, the festival revives an age old practice of escaping an impending danger with a set of strategies during a war. The gods were named in the kok-barok language.