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Ginger Hotel

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Laxmi Puja

Autumn and festivity in Assam are synonymous to each other. The king of the seasons is characterized by sweet fragrance of season flowers, starry sky, dew drops on the grass, fluttering clouds and calm rivers apart from the blooming lily and lotus in the water bodies. The Hindus find it an occasion to worship the goddess Durga, goddess Laxmi and the goddess Kali. Laxmi puja takes place on the full moon day after the Durga puja where the devotees seek blessings from the goddess of wealth.

Diwali Festival

Tripura, the abode of many tribal groups dazzles in the festival of Diwali. The north eastern state throbs with the sounds of fireworks and firecrackers a couple of days after the Durga Puja. The best places to visit during the festival of light are Sundari temple near Matabari in Gomati district. People throng in thousands in the Hindu shrine to join the religious fervour. Both the tribal and non tribal devotees visit the shrine after the holy dip on a lake at a stone’s throw distance from the crowded temple.

Asokastami Festival

Ashokastami Festival is held in Tripura with pomp and glory;it is a very popular festival in the Tripura the deities and pattern of worship is also very much akin to the Hindu style. But still one can find numerous other tribal people in Tripura, perhaps this is the reason why Tripura is also known as the laboratory of exotic cultural synthesis.The tribal people mainly worship gods and Goddesses in their animistic form. It is in harmony to their sacred book known as the Ochai.

Garia Puja

Garia puja, the name of a spring festival fetches no less joy and religious fervour in Tripura. The festival belongs to the Tripuris, ethnic tribal groups in the north eastern state which showcases their unique customs, cultures and traditions. The seven day long event comprises puja apart from mesmerizing music and dance and it is believed to be the best possible platform to bring bounteous livestock apart from peace and wealth.