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Handloom Handicrafts Sericulture

The talk of intricacy and elegance  in the field of handicraft can never be complete if we don't mention about the handicrafts of Tripura. This picturesque hilly land of mythology has carved a very significant name of its own for its handicrafts. Visitors can watch the craft persons at work and end up shopping at ‘Purbasha’  or other local Handloom and Handicraft sale.
Purbasa is known for its exquisite cane and bamboo products and its bold combination of colours .It possess long lasting textures and elegance. Tripura  shows its mastery over handlooms of cotton, polyester and silk. The wooden products  designed  not only enhances the beauty of the house who own  it but also makes the owner  proud. The work is done solely by hand . It is a great achievement and a thing to great value in the modern age.
Yanks of yarns left for drying in the sun makes the place  all more interesting. The  showroom here is  a cave which displays bamboo racks, people working in and out deliberately, wood carvings, ceilings designed of canes in interlacing patterns will keep your eye stick to the ceiling. The tools and chairs left for display shows the skill and eloquence of the workers. A place like such when one visit can not return empty handed.

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Best time to visit
Though in Tripura, scope for tourism activities prevails throughout the year, the best time to visit Tripura would be from September to March.
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