Apart from natural beauty, archaeology also holds the key in Manipur tourism. Not even a single archaeological site is allowed to go unnoticed in the north eastern state where tourism has become a roaring industry. Another site of archaeological importance is Sekta Kei, one of the major destinations for the foreign and domestic tourists.

Situated at 18 km distance from the capital city, the spot of interest stands testimony to the history of Imphal. Further, it is one of the ancient places in the state showcasing an unique tradition and culture of a native tribe.  Their rituals are quite unfamiliar. Tourists and historians started visiting the place after the excavation which threw some new lights on the tribe belonging to a particular period of time in the Indian history. Same anxiety gripped the behavioral scientists who throng the spot to study the manners and customs, basically the burial customs of the Sekta people. Now the Sekta Mound is a museum having the collection of many unique materials which can provide students and researchers many breakthrough into some vexed historical questions.

These excavated materials, precisely, suggest human settlement here in the 14 century. The entire portion of excavated area is a burial ground where the traditions and rituals do not exist now a days. Some of the excavated materials include human skulls, silver and copper masks, bell metal casket, pottery, porcelain, stone ornaments, copper and iron, to some extent, reveal the economic, cultural and social life of these people. Herein lies the strong evidence of the 14th century metallurgy. These further suggest a prosperous economic life of the inhabitants in the area. These people were believed to have a strong business link with outside if the excavated materials are any indication. The archeologist believe that Burma might be the ideal country for trade and commerce with the Sekta people.

The best time to visit the archaeological site is June to September. Imphal is the nearest airport for the tourists who has Sekta in their tour list while Imphal is the nearest railhead to reach Sekta. Regular bus services are also available from Guwahati via Imphal on the National Highway No 36 and 39. From Imphal the tourists need to straightly go to Sekta Kei for 18 kms on the Imphal-Ukhrul Road.

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Visit Sekta throughout the year, except from the month of June to September.
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