Tepania Eco Park

45km from Agartala, inside the Radha Krishorepur Reserve Forest.

Tepania Eco Park was established in 1995. It has now been upgraded and covers an area of about 155 hectares inside the Radha Krishorepur Reserve Forest. With an ambiance of charming natural beauty, Tepania has evolved as a great tourist destination.
If youhave everdreamt of living in a tree house then you'll find many right here at the park not far from the entrance. A tree house can be rented for  a day at quite a cheap price. Tepania Eco-Park also has wooden hanging bridge and watchtower. It is an ideal spot for picnickers as they can even hire a kitchen for a minimal amount. The wooden bridges,cottages, forest, water body all these elements enhances the beauty of the place. The fact that it is located so close to the city makes this park very accessible and a priceless treasure to city dwellers.
The park also has an Orchid arium which house up to 225 species of orchids. Some of these have been brought from Kalimpong and Coimbatore. A little further from the Orchidarium,the Cactus House has a collection of 250 cactus samples. Tepania homes a lot of different species of animals including  capped langur, red jungle fowl, hares and varieties of reptiles. Some common trees found here are sal, gamar, mahogany, jarul, neem, kanchan etc. The park also has a cafeteria right at the entrance.
Located 5km from Udaipur and 45km from Agartala, is a great place to have a day off . Situated on the Udaipur Agartala road, it is easily accessible and has transportation facilities. So, if you want a break then head off to Tepania Eco Park, it will take your stress off and leave you feeling fresh.

Destination at a Glance
How to reach

10-minute’ drive from Udaipur 5 kms from Udaipur, on the Udaipur-Agartala road, 45 km from Agartala.

Best time to visit
October and March.
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