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Imphal East

Sangai Festival

Manipur, a land of colourful people and places in the north eastern region of India has no dearth of occasions to promote tourism. The ideal time for the tourists to visit this enchanting land is November-December. In a bid to boost the booming sector, the Manipur Government organizes the Sangai festival in the fag-end of November each year in a big way.

Gang-Ngai Festival

The Kabui Naga people in Manipur are said to the be the most colourful tribal people in the entire north eastern region. Their culture and tradition strike major attention of the people from the home and abroad when they celebrate Gang-Ngai Festival. Also known as Chakaan Gaan Ngai, the weeklong festival falls in December-January which beckons many tourists who are really impressed with their music, dance and feast. Literally “Chakaan” means winter while “Gaan” means moonlit night and “Ngai” means festival.

Ningol Chakouba

Manipur is full of festivals. Hardly a week passes without any occasion of fun and frolic much to the delight of the tourists who visit the north eastern state during the winter season. Ningol Chakouba festival is one of the most wonderful festival of the Meiteis which comes up on second day of the lunar month of Hiyanggei (October-November). The social festival is basically a get together of the married off girls along with their children who visit their parental house to be received with feast.

Heikru Hidongba Festival

The Meities in Manipur has a festival without a fixed date to be celebrated. Known as Heikru Hidongba, festival was said to have originated long before Rajarshi Bhagyachandra where Sanamahi Pakhangba is worshipped. The then king fixed the schedule. The celebration remained more or less unchanged during the time of Meiding-u Irengba. These were allowed to continue even during the time Meiding-u Maramba (Gourashyam).