The Selloi Langmai Ecological Park

The Land of Dawnlit Mountains

Selloi Langmai Ecological Park is a newly built park on the eastern side of the valley and is surrounded by green hills of evergreen trees. The entrance to the park is a blend of nature and its beauty and is a decorated entrance of wood and cane.

The main park area is a treat to the eyes with sprawling flowers and green trees and a walk towards the main area of the park is as beautiful as the park itself. Just after entering the park, towards the east, a giant hillock stands upright welcoming all into a beautiful and serene view. The trail towards the park is adorned on the sides with trees, which changes colour with season. After crossing a miniature bridge, one will reach the park, which is decorated with numerous flowers and plants. The well-manicured garden in the park is icing on the cake. As the park is built on a hill one can climb towards the top, from where the panoramic view of the entire park is a treat to the eyes. On the other end of the park are the famous rose garden and a small vegetable farm.

The park is not that difficult to find, once one knows where exactly it is located. It is situated almost at the heart of Imphal city where communication and accommodation is not at all difficult. Localities are of great help once is out on the streets and en-route to the park.

Destination at a Glance
How to reach

By Air;The Imphal Airport has flight services to all major destinations of the country.
By Train;The closest junction to Imphal is Dimapur railway station which is located at a distance of 215 kms,Manipur
By Road;Guwahati to Imphal;(490.9 kms) via NH 36 and NH39
Imphal to The Selloi Langmai Ecological Park;(8.10 kms)

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