The Edge of India

A little piece of Paradise has been carved out and hidden away from the rest of the world, only to be revealed to a special few who wish to bask in nature’s bounty and delve in legends of the past. Mawlongbna is a classic example of a place that has been truly blessed by Mother Nature, visited by legends and inhabited by people that are a model of a community that is totally in sync with its environment.

The drive from Mawsynram is as scenic as one could wish for with waterfalls that are viewed perched on the edge of a cliff, landscapes that could literally take your breath away and vibrant forests with an array of flora and fauna endemic to the area. The reward at the end of the drive, on arrival at the Mawlongbna Traveller’s Nest, is the spectacular view of the plains of Bangladesh from the comfort of the dining lounge.

The Mawlongbna Traveller’s Nest sits atop a hill, a little distance away from the village, nestled away into the Protected Community Forest, to give you the peace and quiet that you have travelled here for. Two double bedded cottages, constructed entirely by the local community and using locally available material are available for the discerning traveller here. The kitchen prepares home style meals and allows visitors to savour local cuisine at the dining lounge that has no rivals for the views it presents.

Among the secrets that Mawlongbna houses, embedded in the rocks of a picturesque plateau, are fossils of sea-creatures that are remnants of an era when the entire area was covered by the expanse of the seas. Just getting to this plateau is an experience in itself as it involves a short trek through the Community Forest where little streams and brooks surprise you at many places. We must admit that the bottom of the waterfall en-route to the plateau is extremely inviting for a short dip and we’ve never been able to resist it. A short walk to the west of the area where the fossils are found, takes you unsuspectingly into a land where legend and folklore come alive: along a snaking rivulet are the grounds of a fabled Animal market place – Ka Iew Luri Lura, where the rock formations resemble the footprints of animals. According to local legend, these “footprints” are a record of a meeting in time when animals could still talk and this was the site where they would have their weekly markets.

Umkhakoi is the water reservoir located further south of the fossil area and was created by the community by building a small dam that allowed water to be stored between massive boulders on each side for about half a kilometre. A variety of fish species are found here and it is a perfect place for a lazy day of fishing. However, with so much water available, we just had to put in a few recreational kayaks to give you something extra to experience. It’s an idyllic place to spend time splashing away in the water and felling alive.

An evening at the village is a wonderful experience because its people are friendly and welcoming, all too eager to swap stories with visitors and indulge in a conversation about local legends and folktales. The night market at the village, held once a week, will entice you with the kind of  fresh local produce that you cannot resist. The colours, sights and aromas that fill the night market will make you feel like you have stepped back in time, attending market in the age of legends.

Mawlongbna is a keeper of many secrets and a birthplace of legends. We could never reveal all its secrets lodged in its protected forest, plateaus, caves, rivers and streams. They could however, be experienced on every visit.

Sample over Night Package Itinerary:

DAY 1:

8:00 am  – Depart for Mawlyngbna Village from Shillong.
11:00 am – Arrive at Mawlyngbna. Check in at the Traveller’s Nest where light refreshments will be served followed by lunch after you settle in.
12:30 pm – Hike to the Fossil Park and the mythical “Iew Luri Lura” Plateau. Trained guides will take you on a tour of the area.  Fossils are abundantly seen in the area and are believed to belong to the era when the area was under the ocean. The “Iew Luri Lura” is an area believed in local legend to hold footprints of animals and humans at a time when they could interact with each other. The area is believed to be the market place during such times.
5:00 pm – Evening tea will be served.
5:30 pm – Visit the local museum showcasing local artefacts and items locally produced. Head down to the village andexperience local flavours at the unique market place. Walk to the Mih-Um-Spring or the village spring.
6:00 pm – Evening walk to the viewpoint where one can have aglimpse of the entire village as well as the distant lights in neighbouring Bangladesh.
8:30 pm – Dinner will be served. Meals will be served in local styles.
Bonfire and Overnight stay.

DAY 2:

8:00 am – Breakfast will be served.
9:00 am – Mountain Biking through the Village trails.
12:00 pm – Arrive at Umkhakoi Reservoir, a 600 metre water reservoir where lunch will be served. Guests can then spend their time Kayaking or trying their hand at Angling for the various species of fish that thrive there. Lunch will be served at the lake.
4:30 pm – Checkout and depart for Shillong.

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Tribal Weaves

Come to Umden and Explore the history and culture of the Bhoi people (a sub group amongst the Khasis). Nestled in a serene and beautiful valley, and located just about 55 kms from Guwahati City, this small hamlet is an ideal getaway. The quaint little village of Umden is famous for Eri silk production and weaving of traditional handlooms like ryndia, stoles in exquisite patterns etc.. The village takes pride in continuing the age old tradition of producing silk following the unique method of not killing the silk worm during the process of extracting silk from the cocoons. We call this the ‘ahimsa’ tradition of sericulture. Here one can witness all the steps in the sericulture value chain- starting from rearing of silk worms to spinning and reeling of silk to yarn production and dying and finally to weaving. You can even try your hand at weaving with a one-day course on weaving being offered for the tourists!!
If Silk tours and weaving don’t excite you, there is more- one can enjoy the bounty of nature, with its many streams and diverse flora. You can start your day with a breakfast of local rice cakes and Sha or any of the other standard fare and start exploring the place. Walking along the forest trails, you are led through an era gone-by. The monoliths, stone tombs, and ancient stone gateways each tell their own story in the sounds of the forest. The history and culture of the Bhoi people can be discovered through the guided Heritage Walks conducted by trained local youth. You could also go angling at the pond just behind your cottages and catch a fish for the evening meal or go mountain biking along the moderately challenging biking track around the village. After a long day spent outdoors you could return to the comfort of the nest; sit by the campfire and soak yourself in the local music and folklore in company of village musicians. End your day with a sumptuous meal selected from a small but eclectic menu comprising of both local and popular cuisine options. Exotic dinner options like Silk Worm curry or the more famous silk worm Chutney are also available, but please give your host’s atleast a day’s advance notice!!
The Umden Traveller’s Nest, comprises of two cottages and some common areas built amid a lush green space a kilometer away from the village. The nest is owned and managed by the Diwon Handloom Cotton Khadi and Village Industrial Cooperative Society Limited. The women of the society have been in the silk production and weaving business for many years and now decided to venture into Village Tourism as an additional livelihood activity to increase incomes and provide employment to the youth of the village.
Umden is not just a destination. It is a journey in itself, a story waiting to be woven, a story waiting to happen to you.
Sample over Night Package Itinerary:
DAY 1:
8:00 am  – Depart for Umden Village from Shillong.
11:00 am – Arrive at Umden. Check in at the Traveller’s Nest where light refreshments will be served followed by lunch after you have settled in.
12:30 pm – Walk to the Weaving Centre for the Silk Tour.
5:00 pm – Evening tea will be served.
8:30 pm – Dinner will be served. Meals will be served in local styles.
Bonfire and Overnight stay.
DAY 2:
8:00 am – Breakfast will be served.
9:00 am – Mountain bike to the head of the Heritage Walk.
12:00 pm – Lunch will be served in the forest, cooked in bamboo and served in plantain leaves.
1:00 pm – Heritage walk resumes.
4:30 pm – Return to Traveller’s Nest for evening tea and light refreshments.
5:30pm – Depart for Shillong
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Serenity Unlimited

On days that Nature finds fitting for an exhibition; Blades of grass, dust in the air and the surface of the lakes are illuminated with golden light. The ever-present gentle breeze is humbled by the glorious setting of the sun as it bathes these rolling hills. Lum Kyllang, Lum Symper, Mawten / Mawkyrwat, Lum Nohkrek, Rambrai, Mawdoh, and even the great Himalaya’s can be seen before night fall. One might witness children playing football in between two gently sloped hills and amid the sounds of cowbells ringing. Evenings around in Mawphanlur can be quite eventful.

Around dusk, if fortunate, there are children playful yet shy; jumping about, splashing water and sitting on the banks with fishing rods. Find shelter in one of the humble cottages at the Traveller’s Nest and receive a warm and hearty home cooked meal. Piping hot steamed rice, dal, home fried potatoes and a local chicken curry. One can see the moon rising from the horizon and into the clouds right outside the window. At night a few houses can be seen with their low intensity bulbs glimmering from a moderately great distance.

Around dawn, a walk to the hill where one can see Lum Kyllang is a must. The water in the lake beside the hill is as still as death itself. On such mornings the mist soon blankets the entire Village. Silence once again. It’s good to hear thoughts, once in a while.

The Mawphanlur Traveller’s Nest is owned and managed by Mawphanlur Integrated Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited comprising of enterprising individuals from the village and led by the every smiling ‘Bah Syiemlieh’.

Activities for Guests –

- Flat water kayaking
- Pond fishing
- Rappelling
- Star gazing using telescopes
- Extended walks
- Bonfires
- Traditional Khasi musicians
- Camping
- Folk Tales over campfires
- Panoramic views

Overnight Package- Itinerary:

DAY 1:

8:00 am  – Depart for Mawphanlur Village from Shillong.
11:00 am – Arrive at Mawphanlur. Check in at the Traveller’s Nest where light refreshments will be served followed by lunch after you have settled in.
12:30 pm – Trek around the legendary Hills of Mawthadrishan.
5:00 pm – Evening tea will be served.
8:30 pm – Dinner will be served. Meals will be served in local styles.
Bonfire and Overnight stay.

DAY 2:

8:00 am – Breakfast will be served.
9:00 am – Kayaking and angling in the ponds atop the hills.
12:00 pm – Lunch will be served.
1:00 pm – Continue with the activities.
4:30 pm – Checkout and depart for Shillong.

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Kongthong - Sweet Song


Sweet Song

If you’ve ever experienced the winds, playing their music and singing their songs before, you’ve probably been to Kongthong Village already. Nestled between the Sohra and Pynursla ridges is Kongthong village, a part of the Khatar Shnong (12 villages) area that has for too long gone unnoticed by the outside world. One could best describe this village as an idyllic set to discover the little known fringes of Meghalaya. Being located between the two more famous ridges, getting to Kongthong by trekking there from either the Pynursla or the Sohra ridge is an adventure that not many will ever experience. Although a difficult trek, there are a myriad of secrets that are revealed along the way. Long forgotten Living Root Bridges, suspension bridges over some of the clearest water ever seen, bamboo groves that sing an eerie silence and little villages tucked away seemingly forgotten by time are a few things one witnesses on this journey.

Kongthong is a quaint little village with a distinction in Honey production. Although much of it’s inhabitants engage in agriculture, it is a marvel on its own to be able to witness agro-forestry in the steep hills along the village. The unique culture of Kongthong’s inhabitants is what will perplex and confound a visitor, for while in their fields, they do not call out to each other using their names, they instead sing out names that are given to every individual of the village at childhood. This tune, that is different for everyone, allows them to communicate with each other while working their fields, located along the steep hills around the village, thus creating musical echoes amidst the hills that are probably never heard anywhere else in the world.

The Kongthong Traveller’s Nest houses two cottages, built entirely of bamboo and wood, designed in a way that is traditional to the area. We invite you to experience the adventures of Kongthong’s Sweet Songs.

Sample Over Night Package Itinerary:

DAY 1:
8:00 am – Depart for Kongthong Village from Shillong.
11:00 am – Arrive at Kongthong. Check in at the Traveller’s Nest where light refreshments will be served followed by lunch after you have settled in.
12:30 pm – Village Tour to experience for yourself the unique “Songs” of Kongthong.
5:00 pm – Evening tea will be served.
8:30 pm – Dinner will be served. Meals will be served in local styles.
Bonfire and Overnight stay.

DAY 2: Option 1
8:00 am – Breakfast will be served.
9:00 am – A trek to a Hill near the village where you’ll experience the beauty of the entire ridge that houses Kongthong Village, Wahkhen Village and the Riat Rngain.
12:00 pm – Lunch will be served.
4:30 pm – Checkout and depart for Shillong.


DAY 2: Option 2
8:00 am – Breakfast will be served.
9:00 am – Trek to Wahkhen Village.
12:00 pm – Lunch will be served half way along the trek, on the banks of a beautiful and clear river.
5:00pm – Reach Wahkhen Village and have an evening tea in the local tea shops and drive back to Shillong.

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Living Root Bridges

Living Root Bridges

This Trip is Organized by Travel Roots
2 week (14 day) experience

Best times to visit:  October to April. If you would like to experience the rainy season in May to early October, but please note that travel may be difficult during heavy rainfall.

Start : Guwahati Airport
Finish : Guwahati Airport
Group size : Minimum of 2 people & Maximum of 6 people
Age : Minimum age is 18 unless accompanies by an adult

For Price and Dates please contact Travel Roots at info@travelroots.org


You will travel to the Northeast Tribal state of Meghalaya. Meghalaya literally means the "Abode of Clouds", which describes the climatic phenomenon that brings rain to its mountainous region. Situated in the North Eastern corner of India with an area of 22,429 sq km and a population density of 78.5 per sq km, Meghalaya is a state of great scenic beauty. The environment is filled with undulating rivers, waterfalls, sparkling mountain streams, emerald-green lakes, gorges, precipitous ravines and panoramic views from hilltops. It is inhabited by mainly three tribes: the Khasis, the Jaintias and the Garos. Weaving, Pottery, wood and stone carving, metal work and basketry are traditional village handicrafts. As with most the North Eastern states, Meghalaya is diversely multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-religious, with an amazing mix of traditional and modern lifestyle.

You will have a chance to interact with local communities and immerse yourself into the Khasi culture. Students will stay at Maple Pine Farm, a small family operation only 25 km out of Shillong near Mawphlang Sacred Forest. They haves four cottages with attached toilets, camping facilities, surrounded by agricultural land and bordered by two streams. The farm lives off the grid and is powered by solar and wind. This will be the base for the tour, and a few nights will be spend with the surrounding local communities in homestays.


  • Visit the breathtaking living root bridges in the Khasi Hills and learn how they play a critical role in the local village life
  • Experience the immense beauty of Meghalaya's diverse landscape and visit enchanting sacred forests
  • Interact with Khasi families and experience their warm hospitality


Days 1 - 5
Spent on Maple Pine Farm and in the surrounding area. Enjoy the peaceful serenity of the farm while experience local village life. Visit nearby Mawphlang Sacred Forest and learn the unique history of the Khasi people.

Days 6 - 12
Venture out by jeep to see the diverse landscape of the Khasi Hills. Stay with local families along the way and explore the amazing living root bridges that connect the villages and intertwine over the river systems. This is truly an incredible experience to see how the local people used natural world to sustain their lifestyles.

Day 13 - 14
Arrive back at Maple Pine Farm to enjoy one more relaxing night and a home cooked meal. The next day travel back to Guwahati airport.

Included in the trip:
Meals : all meals are included in the fee
Accommodations : cabins at Maple Pine Farm and homestays in local villages
Transport : by shared taxi, jeep, car, or walking
Included activities : all fees associated for guided hikes are included


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Indo – Myanmar Trek

Indo – Myanmar Trek

Duration:              6 Nights & 7 days

Interested:           Nature exploration, Border trade Centre, soft trekking

Destination –    Aizawl, Champhai, Zokhawthar and Rihdil(lake)

CHAMPHAI: Champhai is a commercial town located near the Myanmar border. 194kms away from Aizawl city, an altitude of 1678mts above sea level. It has a good view of the adjoining hill range of Myanmar from which the forefether of Mizos immigrated ages ago. Champhai is an ideal shopping place for various imported goods. The town is also a convenient base for Trekking and visiting last border trade centre Zokhawthar and mythical Rihdil lake located 5kms within Myanmar.

RIH DIL is a lake located in Myanmar, just about 3 kilometers from the Indian border and is associated with Mizo folklore, where the departed souls are believed to have made their passage before they go to their eternal abodes.

The lake is about one mile in length and half a mile in width. It is about 3 miles in diameter and the depth is about 60 feet. Rih Lake is well known for its shape which is heart. The romantic heart-shaped lake .

The Mizos in the past believed that the ‘other world’ was divided into two, and that all spirits went to a place called ‘Mitthi khua’ (village of the deaths), then some moved on to ‘Pialral’ (heaven); but to reach their eternal abodes, they had to pass through the lake Rih Dil.


According to the legend, after crossing the Rih lake, the spirits/ souls reach a hill called ‘Hringlang tlang’, where they look back at their village and weep for days longing for the world they had left behind. In this mythical hill, there is  spring water called ‘Lungloh tui’, which they drink to quench their thirst and this made them forget all about their past life. The hill is also said to be full of flowers called ‘Hawilo par’, which they pluck and wear in their ears and hair and this made them forget their desire to return to their loved ones and they proceed to ‘Pawla kawt’ and then on to the dead men’s village called ‘Mitthi Khua’.

The dead men’s village ‘Mitthi khua’ is where the common people settled, living just like they did in their past lives. But beyond that village exist a place called ‘Pialral’ or heaven, where only the men and families who earned the title called ‘Thangchuah’ through their piousness and having sacrificed animals and given the community feast could enter the heaven much to the envy of the people who had to settle in Mitthi khua where there is only hardship.


Day 1

Meet and assist by our representative on arrival at Lengpui Airport.
Aizawl, transfer to respective hotel.
Overnight stay at hotel.

Day  2

After breakfast, drive to Champhai(194kms from Aizawl).
Lunch at Wayside Restaurant, Kawlkulh.
4:30-5:30pm Arrival at Champhai.
Check-in Hotel.
Overnight stay at Tourist Lodge Champhai.

Day  3

After breakfast, visit Rihdil (insideMyanmar ) and Zokhawthar Border Trade Centre.
At evening, back to Zokhawthar for overnight.
Overnight stay at Tourist Lodge Zokhawthar.

Day 4

After breakfast, Drive to Champhai.
Shopping & sight-seeing/ soft trek.
Evening free at leisure
Overnight stay at Tourist Lodge Champhai.

Day 5

After breakfast, back to Aizawl.
Overnight stay at hotel.

Day 6

After breakfast, visit K.V.Paradise.
Visit State Museum.
Evening at Aizawl viewing Gallery for Aizawl city by night.

Day 7

After breakfast, transfer to Lengpui Airport for own destination.

Inclusion :  1. Pick & Drop from LengpuiAirport, Aizawl

                        2. Breakfast & Dinner

                        3. All transport as per itinerary

                        4. Accomadation in twin sharing basis

                        5. All sight-seeing as per itinerary

Exclusion : 1. Any train/ Air fare

                        2. Personal needs / expenses

                        3. Drinks & snacks

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Tsomgo Lake/Changu Tour

Tsomgo Lake/Changu Tour Packages

We recommend people visiting to Sikkim to visit Tsomgo Lake (Changu) as well, as it’s the place which one cannot afford to miss if visiting Sikkim. We have tailored special tour packages for Tsomgo which are cheaper and affordable as compared to other Tsomgo travel packages offered by Tour operators and Touring and travelling companies. You can have the best of experience in Tsomgo with our pocket friendly Tsomgo Holiday packages. Recently Tsomgo lake (Changu) has become a famous tourist place in Sikkim among the locals and tourists from all over the world. A visit to Tsomgo Lake (Changu) gives you best of the experience of your Sikkim tour and the complete value of your holiday tour packages.

Package type  :9Nights|10 Days
(Darjeeling 2N + Gangtok 3N + Lachung 1N + Gangtok 1N + Pelling 2N)

Day 1:    New Jalpaiguri Railway Station(NJP)/Bagdogra Airport(IXB) –      Darjeeling  (88 km/3 hrs drive)
Arrival at NJP/IXB where our representative will receive you – Transfer to Darjeeling(2134 m) – Check in at the hotel – Spend the rest of the day at leisure – Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 2: Darjeeling(Full day local sight seeing)
Start the day early morning(4 am) and drive to Tiger Hill(2590 m) to witness the spectacular sunrise over Mt. Kanchenjunga, the world’s 3rd highest peak. On the way back, visit the Ghoom Monastry and Batasia Loop.In the morning, after breakfast, visit the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park(closed on Thursday),Tenzing Rock, Chitrey Tea Garden(outer view),Japanese Temple and Peace Pagoda.  Go to Chowrasta and Mall Road for a stroll in the evening.

Day 3: Darjeeling – Gangtok (4 Hours Drive/110 KM)
Post Breakfast, proceed to Gangtok. Enroute stop at Lopchu  for tea and also see Lovers Meet View Point to see the breath taking confluence of the River Teesta and River Rangit. Check in at the hotel at Gangtok. Go for a stroll at MG Marg and stay overnight.

Day 4: Gangtok ( Full day local sight seeing)
After breakfast, proceed for a full day Gangtok town tour which includes Bakthang Waterfalls,Tashi view point, Ganesh Tok, Enchey Monastry,Directorate of Handicraft and Handloom, , Do Drul Chorten Stupa, Institute of Tibetology,  Flower Show,Ropeway & Banjhakri Falls . Return to the hotel. Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 5: Gangtok ( Tsomgo Lake Excursion)
Early morning at around 8 am, start for Tsomgo Lake (12,400 ft/3750 m/3 hrs drive) and Baba Harbhajan Mandir( 13,200 ft/4000 m). Tsomgo Lake is considered to be a sacred lake by the locals. Return to Gangtok by evening and stay overnight.

Day 6: Gangtok – Lachung(116 km/6 hrs drive)
Proceed to Lachung(8800 ft), a beautiful hamlet is North Sikkim after breakfast. Enroute visit Singhik View Point and Seven Sisters Waterfalls. You can have lunch midway at Namok and a short tea break at Chungthang. Check in at the hotel in Lachung. Dinner will be served in the lodge itself. Overnight stay.

Day 7: Lachung – Yumthang Valley(24 km/1 hr drive) – Lachung – Gangtok
Early morning, drive to Yumthang Valley (11,800 ft) which means ‘The Valley of Flowers’. You have every chance of getting bewitched by the breathtaking beauty of Yumthang. One can see Yaks, Billy goats, Horses, varieties of Rhododendron trees in the valley. Return to the hotel for lunch. Post lunch, depart for Gangtok. On the way back, witness the serenity of Bheema and Twin Waterfalls. Check in at the hotel in Gangtok. Overnight stay.

Day 8: Gangtok – Pelling(120 km/5.5 hrs drive)
Proceed to Pelling after breakfast. Check in at the hotel in Pelling and spend the rest of the day at leisure.

Day 9: Pelling (Full day local sight seeing)
Post breakfast, start the day with local sight seeing which includes Darap Valley, Rimbi waterfalls, Rock Garden, Kanchenjunga waterfalls and Khecheopalri sacred Lake. Complete the day tour after lunch visiting Rabdentse Ruins, Pema Yangtse monastery and Helipad Ground . Return to the hotel in the evening and stay overnight.

Day 10: Pelling – New Jalpaiguri Railway Station(NJP)/Bagdogra Airport(IXB)
Check out from the hotel and proceed to NJP/IXB (160 km/6 hrs drive) with sweet memories.

Tour Ends!


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