Samban-Lei Sekpil Garden

Samban-Lei Sekpil is a garden located in Sagolband, near Kwakeithel Road about 5.2 kilometers from the city centre. The garden is home to Samban-Lei Sekpil, a 61 feet tall shrub. It was recognized by the Limca Book of Records in 1992 and the Guinness Book of World Records in 1999 at a height of 50 feet and 35 steps.

In the year 1983, Moirangthem Okendra Kumbi founded a small shrub in a mustard oil tin container planted by his sister. These kinds of plants are usually used by Manipuris as fences around their gardens; hence it was named as Samban-Lei. The word Samban means ‘fencing’ while Lei means ‘flower’ and Sekpil means ‘topiary.’

The botanical name of the shrub is Duranta Repens Linn. During 1983, Kumbi began doing certain experiments on this plant by symmetrically trimming it in umbrella and disc shapes. While the plant was growing, it was often moved for public exhibitions. However, in 1991 this plant became too tall to be moved constantly and was permanently placed with a supporting ladder. Popularly known as the sky flower, the owner of this plant climbs up the ladder twice everyday in order to check the shape of this plant.

Moirangthem Okendra Kumbi is known to have spent more than rupees sixteen lakh for its maintenance. He climbs up the ladder twice every day to ensure that its shape is not disturbed. The plant has become a major attraction of Imphal today with its records.  A must visit in the itinerary for everyone who visits the state.
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By Air: The Imphal Tulihal International Airport has flight services to all major destinations of the country.
By Train: The closest junction to Imphal is the Dimapur railway station which is located at a distance of 215 kilometers from Manipur
By Road: Guwahati to Imphal; (490.9 km) via NH 36 & NH39. Imphal to Samban-Lei Sekpil (5.2 kms)

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