Uncle Robin’s Children Museum

Golaghat, Assam
Uncle Robin’s Children Museum

Dr Robin Banerjee who was a recipient of the Padmashree Award, a reputed international naturalist, a medical doctor from Edinburgh and Liverpool Universities, set up the famous children museum in the Golaghat district of Assam. The museum is built within Dr Banerjee’s premises. After completion of his medical degree from U.K, Dr Banerjee came to Assam where he worked under a Scottish doctor in the Chabua Tea Estate of Assam. It was during this time that he learnt about the culture and the tradition of the state. Being a renowned naturalist, he was naturally inclined towards the flora and fauna prevalent in the different wildlife sanctuaries of Assam.

Uncle Robin, as he was fondly called by the local kids, passed away just six days before his 95th Birthday. His dream of establishing a Museum of National History was fulfilled before his death. The museum is stocked with dolls, artefacts, mementos, movies and other personal collections of Dr Banerjee’s lifetime. Golaghat, was a quiet place before, with no attraction or entertainment. But the installation of the museum served as a major tourist spot in Golaghat. Children from neighbouring towns and cities visit this museum to have a look at the artefacts, paintings and photographs.

There are around 587 dolls and 262 other showpieces found in the museum. These gifts were given to Dr Banerjee during his many trips abroad and within India. Apart from the gifts, there are 194 paintings and 19 award-winning photographs, displayed in the museum. All are his creations and the photographs taken by him are affiliated to wildlife. Among the 93 pieces of artefacts present in the museum, the significant ones are the Naga Warrior’s head hunting basket and a beautiful horse made of turquoise.

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