Keh-Me-Ha festival

Keh-Meh-Ha festival is an agricultural festivals of the Idu  Mishmis tribe of Lower Dibang  Valley and Lohit district of the Arunachal Pradesh .It is the post harvest  festival which celebrated every  year on the advent of winter season annually on September 24.

Sangken Festival

Sangken, the festival of water brings no less joy to the Khamptis in the Lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh. Literally, "Sang ken" comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Sankranti’. Water dominates the community festival in mid April marking the start of the traditional Khampti new year where the colourful tribal people showcase their culture and tradition. Water is needed to cleanse the village apart from the remaining ritual where they sprinkle water on each other. They do it as a mark of love and respect among them. Some of them call the water pouring tradition a sprinkling of blessings.

Solung Festival

The Solung is the main socio-religious festival of Adi community. The  festival is primarily connected with the agricultural activities of the people which can be compared with the three Bihus of the Assamese people, as they are also socio-religious in nature, which has a close connection with agricultural.

Tamladu Festival

Have you ever been to Arunachal Pradesh? A visit to this land of rising sun can take you to an abode of dozens of colourful tribes who are proud of their rich cultures and traditions. These people in the beautiful north eastern region don’t have any dearth of festivals to boost brotherhood and bonhomie. Not even a single fortnight is allowed to pass without a festival that showcases the enchanting cultures and traditions in different parts of the hills state.