Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary

Ambassa, Tripura
Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary

Have you ever heard of the Gumti Wildlife sanctuary? Come to Tripura and catch the glimpse of the enchanting beauty of its flora and fauna in this sanctuary.

Situated at an area of 389.540 square kms in South Tripura, the picturesque sanctuary fetches no less revenue for steep rise in tourist footfall. Not even a tourist leaves it without enjoying the mesmerizing sights and sounds of nature. With the advent of autumn it transforms into an abode of singing migratory birds who strike the attention of umpteen numbers if foreign and domestic tourists. Tourists take delight in the birds and butterflies, barking deer to roaring tigers, moving elephants to bison, Sambar to wild goats apart from other animals and reptiles.

The jumping primates in the sanctuary include hoolook gibbon, slow loris, capped langur, and phayres langur who are believed to have been living on the edge.

The best to be spotted is large whistling teals and Burmese cranes that make it a charming sanctuary. The birds, mostly, concentrate on the Gomti hydel reservoir.

As of now, the botanists have identified nearly 250 rare species of plants in the sanctuary including 150 species of climbers and climbing shrubs not to speak of the 170 species of shrubs and around 400 species of herbs. What adds the charm of the sanctuary is the serene beauty of the virgin forests in the catchment areas of Gomti and Khowai rivers. Water reservoirs have been playing a pivotal role in retaining the enchanting beauty of the sanctuary. The 300 square km water body beckons the resident and guest birds.

The tourists from Agartala, mostly, approach the sanctuary via Ambassa and Gandacherra or via Amarpur-Jatanbari. The entire sanctuary is said to be the best spot for the various species of birds and animals who have been living safely for decades.

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