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Benuban Vihar

Kunjaban, Tripura
Benuban Vihar

Benuban Vihar located in Kunjaban area of Tripura is known to be the most attractive tourist destinations which holds metal idols of lord Buddha, varying in sizes. Benuban vihar is one of the smallest Buddhist temples in North East. It is an abode of tranquillity and peace that provides serenity to every visitor. The structured design of the temple is constructed in Tripura style and the place is a red coloured sanctum. The metal idols of Bodhisattna and lord Buddha are placed inside it. The reason behind the name Benuban is that the whole place is surrounded by trees. The greenery around the place marks a feeling of purity. The serene atmosphere and beautiful views attracts every tourist to visit the place twice.

Benuban vihar is a symbol of testimony of the fact that it extends friendship and hospitality to every visitor and the root cause of its divine beauty is its rich culture and religion that connects every individual to god. The doors of the temple is always open for the devotees who come to offer their prayers and spend some time aloof of their daily lives. Here, the enriched culture and heritage of ancient Tripura can be explored. It provides with great hospitality and good accommodations.

Buddhist leader Dalai Lama visited this place in 2007. Benuban vihar is one of the most beautiful destinations in Tripura that extends love, warmth and sanctity to everyone. It embraces every individual with affection and the thus it creates a place in everyone’s hearts. The timings for darshan in morning and the evening and it holds no specific dress code.

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Airport: From the Agartala airport it can be easily reached by an auto or bus.
Railhead- The nearest railway station is the Agartala railway station.
Roadway- N.H.44 and 44 A connecting N.E can easily help in reaching agartala from Guwahati by road.

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