Gunabati Mandir Gucchha

Udaipur, Agartala,

Commonly known as 'Gunabati Mandir Gucchha' (Gunabati Group of Temples) these group of temples has a mysterious air since the particulars of their identity have never been revealed. Stone-inscription of only one temple throws some light on its history. It reveals that it was conferred in the name of Her Highness Maharani Gunabati (wife of Maharaja Govinda Manikya),  in 1668 A.D.. Other two temples also bear the contemporary look but their actual history is still to be unveiled.
 Architecture of these temples are almost like most of other temples except that these have their vestibule devoid of stupa on the roof. Core-Chambers are characterized with the presence of pitcher-headed buttresses. The temple in the middle has a semi-circular core- chamber. The crown over the stupa on the vestibule is beautifully crafted likelotus. Not much difference in the architecture is apparent between the three but the smaller one seems to be built later. The front wall of the vestibule of the smaller temple features rectangular design and the crown above the stupa of the core-chamber bears a peculiar look almost like a seventeen edged carambola. All the three temples are covered with a four-chaala roof and these are built not quite far above the ground.
On the way from Mahadev Bari to Badar Mokam,  one would find three tempels on the left of the road. The place has to be renovated to attract more tourists.Located in Udaipur at Agartala, the place is easily accessible by local buses and vehicles. The accomodation facility is available at Gomati Yatriniwas and Gunabati Tourist Lodge.

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Udaipur city is located 55 kms from Agartala. There are buses and taxis leaving for Udaipur every few minutes, to reach to the destination.

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October till January
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