Hot Tourist Destinations of Northeast

West Jaintia Hills

Laho Dance

Meghalaya, the abode of a number of colourful tribes always is known for festive seasons. Tribes both Christians and non Christians have different faiths. They worship different gods and goddess. The Laho dance, the name of an entertainment festival of the Jaintia people makes Meghalaya no less proud which help the north eastern state beckon umpteen number of tourists from the country and abroad in April each year.

Discover Jaintia Festival

Have you ever been to the Jaintia hills in Meghalaya? You can’t perceive the beauty and bounty of the district without a glimpse of the Discover Jaintia Festival at Tuberkmai Shnong in the month of February. Thousands of people from Meghalaya and its neighbouring north eastern states throng Sniriang to attend the festival that boosts tourism in the hills state. Spotlight falls on a sacred grove of Tuberkmai shnong village where the Jaintia Cultural Extravaganza takes place.

Behdienkhlam festival

July in the Jaintia Hills districts of Meghalaya is a season of festival where local people find an occasion to showcase their traditional culture. The annual festival of the Pnara tribe begins on July 15 to conclude on July 20. Known as Behdienkhlam, the religious festival beckons huge number of tourists from the country and abroad. Jowai, locating at an altitude of 1220 metres from sea-level and only 64 km. away from Shillong by road, in the north eastern state wears a fresh look where the youths celebrate the festival with traditional dance and music.