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Kangla Fort, Manipur

Located near the banks of the River Imphal, the Kangla Fort or Kangla Palace proudly radiates Manipur's magnificence and historical glory. "Kangla" implies dry area in Manipuri or Meetei dialect. Kangla was the antiquated capital of Manipur and various Meetei rulers have ruled the destination from Fort Kangla that was a symbol of power and strength of the region.

Kangla dates back to 33 AD, when the legendary God-King of Manipur, Nongda Lairen Pakhangba initially ascended the throne. It was continuously remodeled and created by progressive rulers who controlled the spot. Lord Khagemba (1597-1652) requested the development of a block divider on the western door of the royal residence. A short time later, Khunjaoba (1652-1666), his child put in gigantic endeavors in decorating the fortress. It is believed that he constructed a canal on the western side of the royal residence. In 1891, it was controlled by the British armed force after the Anglo-Manipur War. Later, the oldest paramilitary contingent, the Assam Rifles took control of it until 2004.

Fort Kangla is thronged by thousands of tourists who wish to witness the grandeur and might of the Manipuri Kingdom. It can be easily accessed from any place of the Imphal city and is surrounded by lush green scenery. Hotels are in plenty nearby its vicinity and offers economic staying with lavish accommodation and transportation services.

For tourists who visit the palace from other parts of the country and that of the world, it is to be mentioned that on November 20, 2004, Fort Kangla was given over by the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to the state legislature of Manipur. At present, the stronghold fort is open for guests and is a noteworthy vacation spot of the state. A visit to the Fort Kangla is an absolute dekko for architectural enthusiasts and history specialists for its colossal archeological, religious and historical grandeur.
How to reach
By Air
The Imphal Tulihal International Airport has flight services to all major destinations of the country.
By Train
The closest junction to Imphal is the Dimapur railway station which is located at a distance of 215 kilometers from Manipur
By Road
Guwahati to Imphal; (490.9 km) via NH 36 & NH39
Imphal to Fort Kangla (1.8 km) via NH150/NH39)
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