Waithou Lake

What attracts Manipur? The answer remains incomplete in a single line. There is no dearth of beautiful and historical places in the princely state to beckon the guests in season and out of season. Flora and fauna, undoubtedly, strike more tourists from the country and abroad. Have you ever heard of the Waithou Lake? Most of us who have already visited the spot, perhaps enjoyed the real beauty of nature. Even a hurricane visit to this place of interest can take you into an unexplored world of beauty. Come to the spot of lake 16 far away from the capital city of Imphal in the Thoubal district along the Indo-Myanmar border.

“Simply Wonderful” is the only sentence that comes from the lips of all the tourists who are impressed with the enchanting sights and sounds of nature in this beautiful place far from the madding crowd in Imphal. Popularly known as Soirel, Cheksabi and Phumnom, all the three components retain the same degree of beauty and bounty of nature. And the source? It’s a river that flows across the Ningthibi Canal. There was a time when the lake was teeming with Ngaton, a rare species of fish, apart from other colourful species of fish. But gone are the days. These fishes have gone missing, perhaps, following the spurt in construction works in and around the lake. The beauty and charm of the huge water body seem to have degraded in the face of the growing agricultural activities, rapid urbanization process by the local people. Now its not so charming for a holiday trip as the green patches have been denuded. But still scope is there to bring the lost glory back to the track.

Now it is picnic spot near the capital city of Imphal beside a gurgling brook which falls forcefully into the lake. Still it is a burgeoning destination for the tourists and visitors apart from a spot for entertainment and recreation. Boating and angling have made the spot more refreshing. Food stalls and a huge garden have added more value of the lake. the striking feature of the spot is the pineapple slopes growing down into the lake.

The nearest airport is Imphal where vehicles are available for the tourists and visitors. The tourists who arrive in Imphal Junction by train also avail of the same services for the 16 km journey along the Indo-Myanmar border. Regular bus and sumo services are also available from Guwahati on the National Highway No 36 and No 39. Come and strike the advantage.

Destination at a Glance
How to reach

By Air;The Imphal Airport has flight services to all major destinations of the country.
By Train;The closest junction to Imphal is Dimapur railway station which is located at a distance of 215 km,Manipur
By Road;Guwahati to Imphal;(490.9 km) via NH 36 and NH39
Imphal to Waithou Lake (16 kms)on the Indo-Myanmar road,

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