Kaina Hill

Kaina Hill is located 29 kilometers from the capital city of Manipur in Imphal. It is a small hill rock, with a height of 914 meters above the sea level situated at Yairipok Road considered a holy place by Hindus.

It is popularly believed that it is at Kaina Hill that King Bheigya Chandra made the statue of Lord Govinda from a jack fruit tree. Legend has it that Shri Govindajee appeared to His devotee Bheigya Chandra, Maharaja of Manipur, in a dream and asked him to build a temple enshrined with His image carved out of a jack-fruit tree which was then growing at Kaina.

This region one was inhabited by a considerable population of Hindus. However, after the invasion of Christians the territory was subject to transformation. Kaina is famous for a regular ceremonial dance  called the Ras Garba dance.

Cultural events are organized during festivals related to Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna which includes the traditional Ras Lila dance and songs. Tourists visit the hill to appreciate the scenic beauty and also as a pilgrimage. Manipur’s most famous Rasalila has its roots in Kaina Hill.

Beautiful hill shrubs and charming natural surroundings give the place a solemn charm. Ceremonial dances depicting the divine dream are performed as Ras at the Mandop.
How to reach

By Air
The Imphal Tulihal International Airport has flight services to all major destinations of the      country.

By Train
The closest junction to Imphal is the Dimapur railway station which is located at a distance of             215 kilometers from Manipur

By Road
Guwahati to Imphal; (490.9 km) via NH 36 & NH39
Imphal to Kaina Hill (29kms)
Best time to visit:
October and March

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