Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

50 kms from Guwahati, Assam

For every wildlife enthusiast and interested traveler, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary provides for a major wildlife stock of various species including the rare ones. Majestically situated in the Morigaon district of Assam, it covers an area of 38.8 Sq. km. The Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is only about 50 kms from Guwahati, situated on the border of Nagaon and Kamrup Dist. It happens to be only a day long trip and visitors can easily reach and come back to the city within the same day.

Pobitora is particularly famous for its large habitation of great Indian one horned Rhinoceros which also happens to be the pride of Assam. After decades long conservation attempts to save the rare one horned Rhinos, Pabitora has emerged as a hub of Rhino spotting for travelers who want to witness the majestic beast grazing in the wild. Besides Rhinoceros, other rare animals present there are Asiatic Buffalo, Leopard, Wild bear, civet cat and others.

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is also home to more than 2000 migratory birds and various reptiles.  It has a dense population of the Great Indian one-horned rhinoceros.

It is also an important Bird watching spot. In Pobitora wildlife sanctuary, there are now around 93 rhinos, a ten per cent increase over the last six years. Pobitora has exceeded its rhino-bearing capacity and is overpopulated. Pobitora is also home to over 375 species of birds.

It also provides for a very comfortable stay in plush resorts and as it is very near to Guwahati, travelers also have an option to stay in the city hotels and visit the wildlife sanctuary at ease. Elephant rides and rhino gazing are favorite amongst tourists. They can also taste the local delicacies which gives them a chance to fulfill their gastronomic urges. As fish is the most important local cuisine, one can try out the various tribal recipes cooked in centuries old traditions. Life is simple and serene here and with a very friendly and hospitable nature of the locals, one feels it a home away from home. Staying is economical and transportation is also convenient.

Destination at a Glance
38.81 km2
Best time to visit
October to March
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