Oriah festival

The Oriah festival of Arunachal Pradesh is celeberated by the Wanchos, adjoining Nagaland,village society in which the hereditary village chief still plays a vital role, worships the Sun and Moon God. Oriah Festival is a cultural event which is celebrated to please their nature gods like Sun and the moon to grace them with peace and harmony. They invoke nature deities and make animal sacrifices.

The protease of cultural phenomenon like other religious and cultural carnivals could be considered as main highlights of the festival. During this event local Wancho people comes into fold of cultural expedition and through their celebration they seem to realize their cultural importance and the diversity they have within them. Like other tribal community of Arunachal Pradesh,The Wancho has been living here since immemorial to time and it becomes important to guard their honor through mark of cultural celebration. The cosmic beliefs towards their natural gods reflect their association and ancestral beliefs towards their sole orgy. The celebration would give you an insight of their differences in cultural approach and celebration certainly represents the manifesto of local people.

The festival is celebrated during the mark of February but an actual preparation happens month before an advent of the same. It is a gleeful advent where they get into harmonious mood and look to thank their enormous natural gods through cultural activities and some ritualistic sacrifice.The main reason although remains static as they look to preserve the gems of their tradition through the celebration.An isles and pearls of nature like the sun and the moon seems to play an important role for harmonious existence and it is believed that the same plays a promising role in guiding and shaping their agricultural products. It is a thanks giving ceremony which is performed by understanding the value of norms and regulation. The first phase of the celebration starts with a sacrifice of animal which according to local beliefs evokes local deities and the second phase starts with prayers and offerings. The second basic and prominent reason behind the fete is that they look to save their cultural potency and through this occasion they can actually display the relevance and the part they are playing to maintain the diversity,

The interesting part of the celebration is that both male and female gets into an act of celebration and their cultural dance that they perform together reflects an importance of both in running social life in peace and tranquility.The rich festival of the Wanchos are Appeasement of the deities who control the peace and prosperity of the people is the thought behind the celebration. Villagers exchange bamboo tubes of rice beer as a mark of greeting and good will.