Sepahijala Wild Life Sanctuary

Bishalgarh, 28 Kms from Agartala, Tripura

If you have not ever been to Sepahijala in Tripura have missed a good catch. Precisely, it’s a wild life sanctuary that can provide no less wonder and joy to the tourists from the country and abroad. The 18.53 square kilometres woodland in Bishalgarh is an abode of many rare birds and animals apart from some rare species of plants. The most striking animal here is the clouded leopard which is rare in the country. Other include jungle fowl, civets, barking deer, wild pigs, elephants, Himalayan black bears, slow loris, monitor lizards, python, rhino, hog deer.

The primate section comprises rhesus, macaque, pig tailed macaque, capped langur and spectacled langur. The presence of rare birds and animal have made the tiny wildlife sanctuary in Tripura a centre for extensive study and research.

Guest birds keep chirping from August much to the delight of the tourists who throng the sanctuary with wonder and excitement. Your visit to the wildlife sanctuary remains imperfect without a visit to the botanical garden of 426 species of rare plants.

In 1972, the authorities have announced five sections of the wild life sanctuary. These are carnivores, primates, ungulates, reptiles and aviary. The best time to visit the spot begins in September when the huge terrain remains green and the weather would be temperate. The tourists, mostly, fine excitement in boating in Amrit Sagar lake. The lake is a safe abode for water birds including stork, white ibis and whistling teal. Elephant joy ride is another area of excitement for the tourists and visitors. Rubber and coffee plantation have indeed added value to its scenic beauty of the sanctuary. The panoramic view of the sunset among the calm trees provides the tourists an amazing sight. Come to Agartala by air or train or bus. Bus, taxi and sumo services are available from the capital city 28 km far away.

Destination at a Glance
76.504 km2
Best time to visit
October to March
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