Neheru Park

Agartala, Tripura

Located on outskirts of Agartala, the Neheru Park built on  a small strip of land at the Gorkha Basti is now one of the most visited spot of Tripura. It was inaugurated in 2003. It is now a happy hub for people tired of  living amidst the chaos of city. The state government was looking forward to shifting a part of it's administrative part out of city and eventually the suggestion came on upon the Gorkha Basti. It is a bright reddish toxic top soil which is converted into a beautiful park which today stands in front of ‘Aranya Bhawan’, headquarter of the forest department.
The prominent statue of Nehru welcomes you admist the abode of greenery. A house of flowers and rare species of plants will leave you spellbound. It is covered with natural beauty, fountain, stream, pond that enchants every eye and mind. Though a small park but it mesmerises everyone who enters into it.
The park is maintained by state government. It is a  great place for evening walks and for children. The park provides a great opportunity for anyone who wants to escape the 'city pent'.The neatly trimmed evergreen plants, palm trees and small footpaths offers solace to be in the midst of nature and rejuvenate oneself.
The park is easily accessible from Agartala at a minimal transportation fare. With a minimal entry fee of Rs. 5,the  park opens at 3 pm and closes quite early i.e. 5 pm, so if you visit Agartala make sure you reserve some time to pay a visit to this wonderful place. Within a very short span of time after its opening it has earned itself a very great position amongst the parks in North Eastern India.

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