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Nazrul Kalashetra

The finest auditoriums at Agartala, Tripura

Located on Math Chowmuhani-Jail Road in the Shahbazpur Town, the Nazrul Kalashetra is one of the finest auditoriums at Agartala.  This auditorium amidst the temples, lakes, palaces and mosques is one of a kind in the whole of Tripura
It comprises of a film development laboratory, a screening hall and a library.The library can be assessed by anyone wanting to get more knowledge. Ithas a reading zone where you'll find all the peace to make you go through the books.
The auditorium features the complexities and diversities of various tribal and non tribal communities of Tripura. And the state's cultures beyond the barriers of languages, lifestyles, traditions, beliefs and customs. The visitors to Kalashetra gets acquainted with different backgrounds of their rich cultural aspects. Bringing the whole communities under the same roof is a great step by the government.
Located in the interiors of Agartala this greatly built auditorium can be accessed through local buses or hired or private vehicles. Accommodation may not be easily found but you can stay in Agatala and then pay homage to the temple. The intricately and elegantly designed auditorium along with its different sections will definitely leave you all the more knowledgeable.

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