Gedu Mia's Mosque

Shibnagar, Agartala, Tripura

“Gedu Mia's Masjid” is the pride of the Muslims of Tripura. This  ‘Maszid’ is located in Shibnagar area of Agartala. It bears testimony to the devotion of a remarkable individual. Gedu Mia mosque is not only an architectural wonder but story of dedication and perseverance of a Mahut (elephant driver).  His luck began bestowing unusual favor on him as he bagged the contract from princely ruler and king of Tripura-Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya- to construct an airport in Narsingh area in the north-east of Agartala town in 1942. He spent a part of his large profit to construct the mosque.
It is built with a  number of impressive minarets and towers. Remarkable art works on the doors fully of imported white marble stones makes this unique architectural marvel for everyone who visit in, to offer prayer. The Muslims here gather five times a day to offer prayers to Allah. The festival of Eid here is a great and a joyful event. Especially the Eid-ul-Zuha which marks the sacrificial ceremony of Ibrahim's son to fulfill God's command.
The mosque  harbours a lot of devotees on Friday afternoon to perform the 'Zumma Namaz', it is when the otherwise calm and serene mosque comes to life. But this festival is not just about sacrificing of animals. It is a festival with a message to sacrifice our ego, pride, and accept brotherhood.
Located at Shibnagar 18.9 km in Tripura you can hire local vehicles from Agartala to visit the mosque. There is no great accommodation facility you can return back to Agartala in a single day. Standing as a symbol for righteness, it stands as a pride of the Muslims in Tripura.

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Tripura can be reached by air at Agartala airport which is well connected to main cities like Kolkata, Imphal, Delhi, Silchar, Aizawl, Bangalore, Chennai and more. 

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Best time to visit Tripura is between October to May when the weather is calm and adequate for journey.
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