Diwali Festival

Tripura, the abode of many tribal groups dazzles in the festival of Diwali. The north eastern state throbs with the sounds of fireworks and firecrackers a couple of days after the Durga Puja. The best places to visit during the festival of light are Sundari temple near Matabari in Gomati district. People throng in thousands in the Hindu shrine to join the religious fervour. Both the tribal and non tribal devotees visit the shrine after the holy dip on a lake at a stone‚Äôs throw distance from the crowded temple. In this autumnal festival, they offer pujas to the goddess Kali seeking her divine help to get rid of calamities and troubles.    

Earthen lamps illuminate every household in the state much to the delights of domestic and foreign tourists.  The attraction is a grand fair near the temple where people from far flung areas of the country catch a glimpse of it. Kali puja, the popular festival of the Hindu Bengalis coincides with the two days festival of light. In some temples birds and animals are sacrificed to appease the goddess. But these are exclusively observed at the stork of midnight.
The crowd puller puja pendal which steals the show takes place in Kailashahar in north Tripura. The people here along with the rest of the country wants light to prevail over the darkness in every spheres of life. According to what they believe, the Lord Ram came back to Ayodhya after the 14 year long eventful exile. Diwali and Kalipuja celebrations in Udaipur and Matabari also no less attractive where many tourists throng the venue to share the joy.

The fair provides the local people with the best possible platform to show their cultural talents in the form of dance and songs. Their mesmerizing performance forces thousands of audience to stuck to their seats till the wee hours. Other activities are also lined up on the occasion. These include cultural processions, song, dance and quiz competitions in many places.