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32 Km from Agartala and 8 Km from Sonamura, Tripura

There was a time when Boxanagar struck a golden page in the history of Tripura. But with the passage of time some of the historical prides had to remain under the dense layer of oblivion leaving the historians and researchers clueless. But, finally the truth has revived when ruins of some important monuments surfaced in Sonamura area of West Tripura. Now Boxanagar is throbbing with the activities to explore the historical remains that struck the attention of many tourists and historians. The brick buildings have started shining amid the denuded forest areas in Boxanagar market area along the Indo-Bangladesh international border.  According to what the local residents believe, the entire remains belonged to an ancient the Manasaa temple where devotees offered pujas to the goddess of snake. The ruins of the monuments were allowed to languish for decades. But the Archaeological Survey of India struck the truth behind the remains that speak the truth. The man behind the initiatives was none other than Dr Jintendra Das who was a  senior archaeologist. The exploration confirmed it to be a Buddha temple after a Buddha idol was recovered from the site. Since then the entire site was properly protected with barbed wire fencing where more excavations are required to carry on.

With the exploration activities forced the authority to restore good connectivity from Agartala, the capital city of Tripura. This has also promoted the tourism in the north eastern state.  

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