Asokastami Festival


Ashokastami Festival is held in Tripura with pomp and glory;it is a very popular festival in the Tripura the deities and pattern of worship is also very much akin to the Hindu style. But still one can find numerous other tribal people in Tripura, perhaps this is the reason why Tripura is also known as the laboratory of exotic cultural synthesis.The tribal people mainly worship gods and Goddesses in their animistic form. It is in harmony to their sacred book known as the Ochai. Huge gathering or Mela during the carnival time brings in the impression of Cultural Intermingling, where every caste and creed of men are equally welcome and made to enjoy the warmth and charm of the fete to the fullest extent.Ashokastami Festival is mainly associated with the sacred dip in the holy river. In the consecrated river of the Astami Kunda the devotees take a bath and this is considered to bring blessings of the God. At Unakoti this dipping is the sacred festival and people almost perform this with heart felt devotion. We also worship the Lord with heart felt devotion because we all know that "The dimension of depth in the consciousness of religion creates the tension between what is and what ought to be. It bends the bow from which every arrow of moral action flies."The Ashokastami Festival is also reputed as the Ashokastami Fair This is usually celebrated in the month of March and April according to the movement of the moon, also known as Tithi. It is held each and every year with magnificence and extravaganza.The festival is mainly associated with the holy dip in the sacred river. During Ashokastami festival, the devotees take bath in the consecrated river of the Astami Kunda. The ritual is believed to bring blessings of God. Celebrations and fairs are organized at several holy places and temples.Ashokastami festival to take a sacred dip in the holy Astami Kunda. Apart from pompous celebrations, special worships are performed for the deities engraved on the hill rocks of Unakoti.
shokastami festival is observed in the month of March and April as per the movement of moon, which is also termed as 'Tithi'. The tithi actually falls in the month of Chaitra of Hindu calendar, on the eighth day of waxing moon period.Grandeur and extravaganza can be aptly witnessed during the celebration of this festival. Ashokastami festival has gained further significance owing to the warmth and togetherness it imparts among the people