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Another attack on woman escalates acrimony in Meghalaya

TURA: Despite an escalating protest and acrimony across the country, the incidents of attack on women in the name of moral policing refuses to die down in Meghalaya. 

Miscreants in South West Garo hills mercilessly thrashed a Garo woman picnicker for being with some youths very recently sending shock and anger in the entire north eastern state.

The entire shocking incident came to light when the video went viral in social media where a gang of local youths is seen to have been kicking and punching the woman in her belly, breast, back, neck just near the picnic spot.

The miscreants, whom the Meghalaya police have identified and caught the kingpin,charged the woman with selling her body to the fellow picnickers which she denied outrightly. But never the youths listened to her and allowed the ordeal to go on for several minutes.

The victim has not moved the police gearing further consequences. But acting on viral video clip in social media, the South West Garo Hills police in Phulbari have registered a suo moto case before attesting the kingping along with another while a few others are believed to have been hiding at undisclosed location.

The incident took place hardly a month after a gang of miscreants in Paikan along the Assam Meghalaya border slapped, punched and kicked up a Garo woman for traveling with a Muslim guy in broad day light.

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