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Girl chastised for being with non tribal fellow

SHILLONG: In yet another bizarre incident, a group of Garo youths in Paikan area in Meghalaya mercilessly chastised a girl for allegedly being with a minority youth which runs into a strong under current of anger and acrimony across the north eastern state. 

The incident took place in broad day light as the tribal girl was walking one of her non tribal friend. A group of local youths  appeared on the scene and started assaulting the girl only for being with the non tribal youth.

Open protest eludes in the streets even after the entire incident has gone viral like anything in social media. But many tribal groups, organizations and individuals have categorically questioned the gang of tribal goons the show of moral policing. 

Facebooks, twitters are flooded with widespread anger and acrimony even after the dastard act that draws no less condemnation. 

“ Where we are? What goes wrong with the girl to have walked with a non tribal fellow? But she was chastised. Are we living in a civilized society?,” writes a tribal youth in Garo hills in his Facebook status. 

Another dissenting voice emerges in the social media. His status reads,” . People have the freedom to choose who they are with. They alone will bear the consequences, whether good or bad.”

“Who's to say that a tribal union is always better? Who are we to generalize something as complicated as relationships? How can we hope to move forward as a people, when we are busy poking our noses into who's dating who and who's marrying who,” he resented.

Let's consider another status:  I really believe that we have far bigger issues to deal with than this. As to the fear that we will lose our tribal identity? 

Many progressive organizations and individuals in the tribal dominated north eastern state have vehemently criticized the stoic silence of the student unions and rights activists who otherwise, hit the streets even for a trivial incident. Is it a tiny incident?