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Getting lost with purpose

Forgetting your worries, agonies and enjoying the moment sounds good, right?

Yes, that’s what we 6 friends decided to do last summer when we finally met after a span for six months.That marked the beginning of most fantastic summer for me, and yes there was a lot more to come.

Over 6 hrs of biking, – this road trip through the picturesque Meghalayan landscapes via Rani, Kamrup had almost everything from risky curves, the thrill of driving through the mountains, lush green landscapes, gushing streams, exotic flowers, no networks (yes, I hate disturbance!), breathtaking jungles with the trees tallest in the region, silent prayers to the feeling of comforting ourselves around the vivid masterpieces created by nature! We were just getting ready to get lost in nature, in peace!



The plan happened out of nowhere just a week ago than the actual trip happened. The main idea was to met our old boys’ group in some place, hang out, talk about life and yes, of course, fill our tummies with some delicacies in some never before visited place(Okay that’s what only I thought, the rest had something else in their mind). At the first place, it started in our Whatsapp group as I asked: “Guys are we even meeting this summer??”. Minutes later Ajay replied, “I know the perfect place for a much-needed reunion, there are pretty amazing Jungles and reserved forest in the Rani side(Kamrup), let’s go out there in the wild and we can have lots of fun”.

My first reaction to what Ajay said was like…Oh No, NOO!!, what are we supposed to do in a Jungle? We ain,t no shooters that we will shot birds nor are we professional climbers to climb to tree tops and shout like Mowgli. That was totally a bad idea!

I enjoyed nature like anything but meeting my friends after 6-7 months in a Jungle was not a good I idea I supposed at first. But we decided to take a chance and asked to show some demo pictures of the place, the next day he did so and photos were pretty impressive.


We knew that we are gonna miss HJK (Hridayjaan Kalita, our best party planner, known for his capability to make immediate decisions and a marvelous cook and a soon to be Agri Scientist) who was busy giving his second-semester exams.

And then the day finally came.We were supposed to leave Mirza at 10 Am. My alarm rang at 7 and I left bed exactly at 7:05, I was pretty excited. Three of us Ajay, Sanjib and Gauranga has got bikes of their own and the rest three Rittick, Akshay and me were just supposed to get back in the back seats. Just like everything else we too were late that day and started at 10:35(..sigh!!) to Tiniali and from there Ajay and Akash joined us.



Soon we left Tiniali and were it’s in outskirts on the way to Rani.

With every mile we passed the horizon became wider for we could see no traces of human landings in the areas the eyes can see. The air seemed so fresh I knew those were the drugs I needed. As I closed my eyes for a few second in the backseat of Gauranga’s bike it was just like flying high in the clouds, carefree like a free bird. The only sound ears can catch was the sound of the wind(and the engine of the bike of course!!). I was clicking pictures all the way and a few selfies(always bad at this).

But more than clicking pictures all I wanted was to enjoy the moment, feel every bit of it and enjoy the view, for I knew I am gonna miss this later. I kept the phone back in the pocket of my jeans.

Soon we moved deeper into the Jungles, the tall trees stretching miles to infinity, and all that we can see was tall green trees and fresh leaves. There was some scent in the forest, the scent of purity and untouched beauty. At points, the road ahead looked like a tree tunnel where even the sky can’t be seen because of the trees and trust me friend the feeling was just amazing.

We stopped at some places, sat for some time and yes, took some photos( can we even miss this part? ).

We moved further, even without knowing where were we heading to, no google maps cause there no networks(a little adventure it seems), we decided to go as long as we can- we just didn’t stop, keeping in mind that there is enough petrol left in the oil tanks to return back. A few minutes later after passing through great natural landscapes, we started having prospects of mountains in the distant. Little did we knew that we just crossed the Meghalaya border, although there was no distinct border. We moved further as we saw views of distant valleys hidden in misty clouds. The clouds were literally kissing the mountains.The feeling was just magical. Just then Ajay announced that we are in the Meghalaya. Oh Man !!

It reminded me of the awestruck views I encounter every time I go to Silchar via the Meghalaya bypass with the window seat, headphones and my custom playlist and a mind that just keep on wondering about my wildest dreams- I just love that feeling. The roads become narrower and our eyes and heart become wider.

How beautifully God has created this Land that only keeps getting beautiful with time, I wondered. The clean roads, the fresh air and the green mountains and the valley below us kept reminding me how lucky we are to have such places in our country. It’s actually good that very few people knew about this way to Meghalaya, that kept this place as pure and exotic as ever. I wasn’t ready for such a bliss, but good things are always welcome.

My heart felt heavy with all the emotions, I realized that all I was missing was a trip like this and I knew I am gonna miss it real bad. This trip was at par and better than what I expected.

I liked the calmness and peace that places like this often brings to the mind, fills the souls to the fullest and gives life a meaning to life.

We moved further, deeper into the wilderness and guess what we found? We found a hidden stream with flowing clean water just on the roadside, washed our faces. The water was cold, that mountain fresh water was enough to rejuvenate us, fill us with energy. We can’t miss clicking pictures anyway on this point.


Soon we went uphill again, soon before we realized we saw valleys deep below us, few long streams of water – we were high, very high. At places we heard sounds of waterfalls coming from some places deeper inside the jungles, as it was already too late we decided not to go further and wrap the trip.

The trip turned out good, one of the best ever I must say. And friends made it even more amazing. It wouldn’t have been possible without them all. The memories of which I breathe in me every day and I promise to keep them alive.


-- Jyotirmoy Das blogs at