Monyu Festival

Summer in Nagaland fetches no less joy and festivity. When pinching cold waves depart paving the way for the summer season festivity gathers momentum in the hilly north eastern state. The best place to visit during this period is Tuensang where the Phoms celebrate the much vaunted festival of Monyu.

Aoling Festivals

Have you heard of the Aoling festival? Come to Nagaland and share the joy of the spring festival of the Kanyaks who, mostly, live atop the blue hills of Mon district in the north eastern state. Festivity grips the colourful tribe with the advent April after they complete sowing of seeds in the hilly places. The indigenous tribe in the hills state find it an ideal time to enjoy the season in jovial mood. This is a festival of fun and laughter of the people dressed in traditional sporting headgear and ornaments.

Tsukhenyie Festival

 The Chakhesang Nagas are known for their appetite for festival atop the green hills in Nagaland. The much vaunted festival for this colourful tribe in the north eastern state is Tsukhenyie festival which marks the onset of the sowing season in Phek district.

Sekrenyi Festivals

The Angamis in Nagaland have no dearth of occasions to remain spirited and festive. Feasting, singing and dancing are the way of their lives. The much vaunted festival of these people atop Touphema in the north eastern hills state is Sekrenyi. The ten day long event known also as Phousanyi comes amid the February coldwaves. The word “Sekrenyi” literally means sanctification. Sekre stands for sanctification, nyi means feast while thenyi stands for festival. The annual event keeps these tribal people festive in the harvest season.

Mimkuut Festival

Nagaland, the abode of colourful tribal people keeps always throbbing with festivals displaying the rich traditions and cultures. The festivals, mostly, are confined to the farming fraternity who have been feeding the north eastern state. The most striking harvest festival of the Kukis in Nagaland is Mimkuut which draws no less applause from the foreign and domestic tourists.

The festival takes place in January in the Kuki Naga dominated Kohima where formalities are lined up to appease Thilha. Animals are sacrificed with the belief of Chung Pathen, their supreme heavenly god.

Bushu festival

Bushu, the name of a much vaunted festival of the Dimasa Kacharis in Assam is no less an occasion for this tribe to showcase their rich culture and tradition atop the North Cachar Hills along with some areas in Hojai, Karbi Anglong districts in Assam. They are apart from some others in Dimapur district of Nagaland. Literally, “Bi” means pray while “Shu” stands for asking for peace. The festival of joy and merriment marks the end of the jhum cultivation. Moreover, it is an initiative to keep alive their traditional food, sports, culture.