Mim Kut Festival


Mim Kut is a religious Festival held in Mizoram. It is a vibrant and colorful fiesta that is celebrated with tremendous zeal and enthusiasm. It is actually a Maize Festival, fĂȘted amidst extensive gaiety. Mim Kut is thus a joyous ceremony that adds a new feather to the stunning coronet of fiestas in Mizoram.The Mim Kut Festival is supposed to have assembled the spirit of Mizoram in a single sack. It consists of the elegance of lush green fields, the cerulean mountain ranges dotted with blond peaks that dazzles with the golden radiance of the sun. All these accumulates together to create a canvas of a skilled artist. As an artist dips his brush into his own nature and paints the canvas with precision and care, Mizoram is a similar canvas that had been created by the Almighty with his own hands, and Nature itself reflects that.The Fairs and Festivals in Mizoram are unique in their own ways. There is an ample scope for entertainment during these festivals.
The Mim Kut Festival is supposedly celebrated in Mizoram to invoke the dead souls and offer tribute to them. This presentation of accolade takes place amidst ceremonial hues in which the entire city bedecks itself.The Mim Kut Festival in Singapore lasts for two or three days at a stretch. Since it is believed that the dead souls revisit the house of their previous lives, offerings are made to them. These offerings include fresh vegetables, maize, bread and necklaces. Often clothes are also dedicated in their memories.Sacrifices are specially made in the reminiscence of the near ones who conks out in the previous year. On the second day of the Mim Kut Festival extensive bread lunches are served and people take a hearty meal from bread items. There is also widespread drinking of rice beer, singing and ballet to enliven the spirit of the fiesta. Mim Kut is celebrated with great fanfare by drinking rice-beer, singing, dancing, and feasting. Samples of the year's harvests are consecrated to the departed souls of the community, Mim Kut is a harvest festival connected to the growing of maize. People believe that their ancestors visit their homes so families gather to worship their ancestors, offering fresh vegetables, maize, bread, necklaces and clothes. The prayers are followed by dance, music and feasts and visits to local fairs.
Mim Kut festival is especially dedicated towards invoking the dead souls and offering tribute to them. According to this ritual offerings are made to the near and dear ones who passed away in the previous year.The tradition of paying tribute to the dead ones is performed on the basis of some preset rituals and customs. The festival is celebrated by the entire state of Mizoram with great enthusiasm.During the time of Mim Kut celebration it is believed that the dead ancestors visit the houses of their children and relatives, special offerings are made for them. These offerings include fresh vegetables, maize, bread and necklaces. Often clothes are also dedicated in their memories.Generally the first day of the festival is dedicated towards the ritual of making offerings for the dead ones. The second day majorly involves merriment and celebrations. There is tradition according to which on the second day, meals are prepared out of bread and people take a hearty meal from bread items.In addition there are several song and dance performances along the traditional lines which further add color and fervor to the festivities.