Ahaia Winter Festival

The Garos in Meghalaya are known for fun and frolic. They celebrate a number of festivals each year which beckon no less tourists from the country and abroad. Tura steals the march on December 17 and 18 where the Garos celebrate the Ahia winter festival like the Wangala festival. The word “Ahaia” is a poetic song by the Ambengs who belong to the Garos. Both Wangala and Ahaia are celebrated to appease the giver and taker Garo gods with songs and dances. These speak volumes of the tribe, their characteristics and unique cultural heritage which are charming indeed. Every single word of the sings boasts of their diversity and rich cultural heritage of the Garo people.

Cultural shows, fashion shows, food stalls pull huge crowd irrespective of castes and creeds in the majestic Garo hills.