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Shad Suk Mynsiem at Weiking

The Khasi tribe in Meghalaya is known for their unique tradition and culture. They don’t have any dearth of occasions to showcase their culture before the world. Mention may be made of the Shad Suk Mynsiem. The spring festival falls on April 13, 14 and 15 where they offer prayer to the god for bounteous harvest. Spotlight falls on the Weiking grounds near Shillong.  

They further make it an occasion to showcase their culture dancing to the tune of traditional drum beats and pipes. That’s why, the Khasis call “Shad Phur” as “Shad Suk Mynsiem” a thanks giving dance to the god who ensured a bounteous harvest in the season. It further highlights the unique matrilineal and patrilineal system of the Khasi tribe.

The tourists take delight when men at the venue whip and sword circles the unmarried female counterparts to play the role of a protector of the womanhood having a single strength and resource. The men have twelve strength and resource in them. The dance stands for ritualistic and symbolic of fertility cult which takes place at Raid and Hima village level. That’s the main attraction of the three day long spring festival.  

Their traditional dresses and jewelries are charming. The female dancers wear cloth draped from waist to ankle (Ka Jingpim Shad) with full sleeve blouse with lacework at the neck (Ka Sopti Mukmor). The necklace is made of red coral and foil-covered which they call “U Kpieng Paila”. The golden ear-rings known as Ki Sohshkor Ksier make the costumes more charming.

The male counterparts wear golden silk turban which they call “Ka Jain spong Khor”. These are in addition to the semi-circular collar of gold-silver plate tied round the neck “U Shanryndang”. More charming is their maroon silk cloth worn like a 'dhoti' with a ceremonial   sword.

Venue: Mawkhar Lympung Weiking