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Mahadev Khola Dham

East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya

The temple tells the real story atop the abode of cloud. Only you need to travel 5 KM in the upper portion of the capital city. It’s the wonderful temple of The River Umshyrpi drifts that strikes the attraction of thousands of tourists and pilgrims in the outskirt of the Meghalaya capital city. Its history is magnificent.  Popularly known as Mahadev Khola dam, it is a 150 years old temple providing much space for the Shiva devotees. It is popularly believed to have been set up by a saint 150 years back when the entire area was a dense jungle.
An army major dreamt there of a red robbed saint with a string in his  hands. It was at his instance the army officer set up the temple where he looked after the saint. He, futher, foud out the Shivaling to offer pujas to the Lord Shiva. This is what the beginning of the temple that beckons many tourists who visit the spot cutting across the castes, creeds and beliefs. It welcomes the tourists from atop the Upper Shillong at a stone’s throw distance from the 101 Canteen area. Those traveling on cars need not be worried. Parking space is the additional advantage. 
According to popular belief, there was a time when the entire area was bushy. Later, a section of devotees installed the idols of other gods and goddesses to be worshiped in and around the area. The temples of Gauri Shankar Mahadev,Ganesh Durga,Lakshman Parivar,Surya Narayan,Bajrang Bali welcome no less devotees from sun rise to sun set. You will get to see a wonderful cave here connecting, perhaps, to the Kamakhya temple in Guwahati.     
Now a days, Yagnas and marriages are regular events in this spot. So make it an occasion to visit the spot.   

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Nearest airport is the Guwahati Airport. Helicopters are available from Guwahati to Shillong. Nearest railway station is Guwahati railway station, which is 176kms from Shillong. By road, NH-17/Nh-37 and NH-51 has to be taken. Shillong Police Bazar is 5.1kms away from Mahadev Khola Dham.

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Throughout the whole year