Chisobibra Village

8kms from Williamnagar, East Garo Hills, Meghalaya

Chisobibra village is renowned, as the place where the last Garo warrior Pa Togan Nengminia Sangma battled and died fighting against the British colonizers. In the memory of this mighty and courageous fighter, a monument was erected here. Each year, Pa Togan Nengminia Sangma’s death anniversary is observed in an appropriate way.

The legendary Garo leader was defeated by the British in a battle which took place in Chisobibra, on the outskirts of Williamnagar on 12th December 1837. He was a true leader leading his daring men into a fierce battle against the intruding British force. Their only weapon was a local spear called ‘Selu’, and thick plantain was used in order to protect themselves from bullets shot by the British invaders. But despite that, the bullets pierced through the plantain killing the warriors and marking them as martyrs of the land. It was at Chisobibra, that the brave leader, Pa Togan Nengminia Sangma breathed his last.

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Nearest airport is the Guwahati Airport. Helicopters are available from Guwahati to Tura. Nearest railway station is Guwahati railway station. By road Guwahati to Tura is 219 kms, via Shillong it is 323 kms. Tura to Williamnagar is 77 kms and Williamnagar to Chisobibra is 8 kms.

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