Yaoshang (Dol Jatra Festival)


The full moon day of Phalgun (March) brings new charm and enthusiasm to Manipur. The people in the princely state find a nice occasion to celebrate Yaoshang, a solemn festival that attracts no less tourists in the north eastern state. The five day long festival is also known as the festival of colours which marks the advent of spring season. The people, mostly, belonging to Hinduism sprinkle natural powder to celebrate the festival dedicated to the Lord Krishna.
The attraction of the festival is Thabal Chongba dance participated by the people in large number. Popularly known as dol yatra, the festival marks the joyful journey of the Lord Krishna. The best place to visit the state during the festival is Imphal where festivity gathers momentum. 
Amid much pomp and gaiety, the Manipuri womenfolk carry the idol of the Lord Krishna in their arms to be received by every household with hymns in their lips. The festival begins when the boys and girls go for money collection to be spent for merrymaking.

The festival has some other significance which nobody can downplay. The festival and the formalities associated with it congenial for lives and bodies. The gulals, if applied, in this period of time can help one get rid of the skin disease.
The most striking feature of the festival is some extra fun and frolic in the name of 'Thabal Chongba. “Thabal” in Manipuri stands for moonlight while “Chongba” means dance. This particular form of dance is performed in the moonlight to the tune of the traditional drum.  With the passage of time, the people have started using some modern musical instruments.
The festival helps to the people unite and strengthen the secular fabric of the country.