Blue Mountain Treks

Highest Peak in Mizoram

Duration : 6 Nights & 7 Days

Interested : Trekking & Camping , Nature exploration, Birds watching, Rock climbing.

The Blue Mountain of Mizoram is a highly revered peak, considered to be the abode of the Gods. Phawngpui Peak is the highest mountain peak in Mizoram, rising about 2165 metres high near the Myanmar border in Lawngtlai District. Phawngpui is famous for orchids and rhododendrons. There is a semi-circular beautiful cliff in the western side called Thlazuang Kham, which has a sharp and deep fall. This cliff is believed to be haunted by spirits. On the peak, there is a level ground of about 2 square kilometres in area. The Farpak area in Phawngpui is huge grassland adjacent to a cliff area you can sight birds like Perigren Falcon, Blyths Tragopan, Sunbirds, Grey Sebia, Golden Throated Barbet Mrs Hume’s Pheasants, Hornbill, Dark Rumped Swift, Mountain Bamboo Patridge, Black Eagle and other Birds.


The most common activities are camping, and trekking, which you can explore in the Blue Mountain National Park. Tourists who are adventure aficionado come to visit this unique place to experience some thrill and excitement!

Once you reach the peak, you will feel exhilarated and witness the breathtaking site of a garden full of Rhododendrons with their pleasing scent. The view of the blue hazed hills and valleys from the peak is magnificent.

By overlooking from the top of the blue mountain, visitors can see a panoramic view where the peak is surrounded with hazy white clouds. When you visit this destination you will experience a heavenly feel where the cool foggy clouds embrace you.

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