Wangala Dance Festival

A honeyed golden November sunshine turns Meghalaya in to a haven misplaced on the planet. The entire north eastern state wears a different look marking the advent of the winter season. That’s an ideal turn for the Garo people in Tura to celebrate the Wangala Dance festival.

Festivity grips Asanang near Tura town on November 12, 13 and 14 where traditional dance and music are showcased. The striking feature of the weeklong festival is the music apart from the orchestra of drums, gongs and flutes. A traditional flute made of buffalo horn makes the festival more charming.

The festival begins after a Nokma performs a ritual with fresh rice-beer, rice and vegetables seeking divine help from Misi Salong for a bumper harvest. Also known as 100 drum Wangala festival, marks an end to the unrelieved toil in the paddy field. 

With the passage of time, Wangala Festival has undergone some changes where the age old Garo traditions have amalgamated with modern life styles of these people in Meghalaya.

The festival begins as soon as ten Wangala Dance troupes arrive the venue from the various parts of the Garo Hills. Drums are played in a rhythmic manner when the participants move in lines much to the delight of the tourists who throng the venue to share the joy.