Second WW Cemetery, Imphal

For every traveler who is anxious for a rendezvous with history and the memoirs of the past, the Second World War Cemetery in Manipur is just the place to be. A must see for every history enthusiast, the War Cemetery was built to commemorate the fallen British and Indian war heroes. The War Cemetery is located in the east Imphal district, Dewlahland.

The various facts and figures related to the second world war and the statues are present at this particular place. The carvings on the wall of this place attract the attention of various tourists each year. It is a major crowd puller and plays host to a teeming stock of both national and international travelers round the year.

These War Cemeteries are managed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Serene are well maintained and the War Cemetery carries little stone markers and bronze plaques recording the sacrifice of those gallant soldiers. The historical World War II Cemetery at Dewlahland has become the next best place for both tourists as well as the youths to spend some time in the calm and serene atmosphere. With Imphal getting crowded by the day due to fast globalization, people visiting the place often prefer to flock to the war cemetery known for its vast free spaces and beautiful scenery topped with a peaceful silence to escape the hustle bustle of urban life and pay the deserved homage to the war heroes.

Dewlahland is not only a reminder of Manipur`s part in the said phase of history but a poignant site that is the final resting place of soldiers of the Allied Forces who lost their lives fighting against Japanese forces in a land totally alien to their own.

A favorite place amongst the historians and enthusiasts, the war cemetery is visited by thousands each year from across the globe. Nearby hotels and lodges provide for an excellent staying and local cuisines are at plenty nearby. Try out the local Manipuri delicacies and give your taste buds the much deserving treat. Immerse your senses in the local serene atmosphere coupled with mouth-blasting spices and rare delicacies that are found only in this part of the world. If you want to break free from everyday boredom and glimpse into the valiant history, the War cemetery is just the place to be.

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