Set amidst beautiful greenery, Nagaon is located at the very heart of the northeast in Assam. It is an ancient town and is mostly known as the birthplace of the great Vaishnavite saint, Srimanta Sankardeva. In ancient times, many feudal lords and kings ruled this town. It is also one of the largest and the most populous districts in Assam with Nagaon town servingas the headquarters. The serene Kolong River flows through this beautiful town. This river divides Nagaon into two separate regions – Nagaon and Haibargaon. Nagaon is bounded by the mighty Brahmaputra river and Sonitpur district in the north. To the south, it is surrounded by Dima Hasao and the Karbi Anglong District. The Golaghat District bounds it on the east and the Morigaon District surrounds it on its west. Nagaon District is divided into three regions- Nagaon, Hojai and Kaliabar.
Nagaon has a lot of social and cultural significance. It is home to Bordowa Than, which is the birthplace of the founder of the Vaishnava religion, and father of the Assamese religion, Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardeva.The main source of livelihood in Nagaon is Agriculture. Agriculture is a major source of income to around 78% of the total population. Paddy is the primary crop and the staple food of the residents is rice. Handloom is also aprimary source of income and is one of the most important cottage industries in Assam. A large number of families and artisans are dependent on the handloom and textile industry for their livelihood. Other activities include poultry farming and dairy farming. A large variety of meat and eggs are found and buffaloes and cows are maintained for milk and draught power.
Some of the major attractions in Nagaon are Bordowa Than, Kaziranga National Park, Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary, Samaguri Bill, Hojai, Jugijan, Doboka, Champawati Kunda, Lumding, Chaparmukh, Kaliabar, Silghat, Raha, Jamunamukh, Phulaguri and Ranthali.
Nagaon is well connected by rail, road and air. It is 120 kms from Guwahati. Nagaon is connected to National Highways 36 and 37.Buses and buses and taxis are available throughout the day from Guwahati to Nagaon.The nearest railhead is Chaparmukh, which is 28 kms from the town of Nagaon. The nearest airport is Tezpur Airport and flights are available from Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport in Guwahati. Accommodation can be found in decent hotels in Nagaon town. 

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