Assam State Museum

Guwahati, Assam
Assam State Museum

Situated on the Southern end of the Dighalipukhuri Tank in the heart of the city of Guwahati, the Assam State Museum unveils the rich unique culture and heritage of the North-Eastern State. Established by the KamrupaAnusandhanSamiti (Assam Research Society), this museum outshines all the other museums in India, as the biggest multipurpose museum exhibiting variety of collections in different sections like Archaeology, Iconography, Epigraphy, and also Numismatics. All the visible and different features of the Assamese culture, lifestyle and tradition are laid down in this museum in a very systematic manner.Constituted in 1940, the Assam State Museum has ever since made steady efforts to consolidate the ever changing culture and lifestyle of the Assamese community.

What is significant is the striking display of ancient Assamese coins, fabrics, tribal arts and sculptures. The collection takes pride in some of the most authentic prehistoric ivory paintings, manuscripts, sculptures, metal, woodwork and costumes. Among the archaeological and ethnographic exhibitions in the Assam State Museum, the ones which are surely to grab eye-balls, apart from the sculptures of Surya, are the local costumes, terracotta, stone and copper plate inscriptions, which dates back to the 5th and 12th century.

Starting from the local musical instruments played by the tribes to the apparels of the people, all are presented in an attractive and appealing manner. There are also exhibitions of the replicas of the tribal huts of a typical Assamese village,where one can take a walk through, and delve into the titbits of the place. This will give one a peek into everyday rural life.

Grand exhibitions of the traditional weaving in Assam, along with other handicraft products like locally-made cane items and bamboo items, toys, pottery etc. in the Assam State Museum are worth mentioning. There is also a library which is well stocked with books, journals, periodicals on art, culture, mythology, biography, encyclopaedic works and even the Asiatic Society journals of the country. Any information regarding the various items present therein can be gathered from the library.

The Assam State Museum, presents a vivid and spectacular display of the centuries old tradition, culture and heritage of the state.

Destination at a Glance

10am to 5pm during summers
10am to 4.30pm during winters
The museum remains closed on Mondays and 2nd and 4th Saturdays
Generally, photography within the museum is prohibited, but one can take permission from the authorities.

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