Dima Hasao, Assam

Known for its breath-taking landscapes, striking valleys and mountains, Haflong is the one and only hill station of Assam, which is located at an altitude of 680m above sea level. Set amidst greenery, blue hills, unique orchids, sparkling green rivers, Haflong can be called a nature’s paradise, illustrated in its true sense. The hills of Haflong are famous for growing more than 2 lakh varieties of flowers. Fruits like pineapple, oranges are also produced here. It is home to several ethnic groups, including Dimasas, Hmars, Nagas, Karbis, Khelmas and Mizos, who are from different religious backgrounds, thus giving it a beauty of diversity. Its harvest festival ‘Chavang Kut’ is celebrated in November every year.

The hill station provides immense scope for trekking, paragliding, gliding, hence attracting adventure lovers. Some other tourist attractions in Haflong are the Haflong lake, Maibong and Jatinga.

Haflong Lake:

The beautiful Haflong lake is one of the largest natural water bodies of Assam situated in the heart of the town. One can enjoy a variety of leisure activities here like boating. The famous Jatinga village is just 9kms from this lake.


Famous for its rare incidence of ‘bird suicides’ every year between August to November, Jatinga is situated on the Haflong ridge. It is this unique phenomenon of ‘bird mystery’ which attracts tourists. One can also enjoy and admire the beautiful sunrise from the Hempeopet peak in Jatinga.


A popular tourist spot are the ruins of Maibong, the ancient capital of Dimasa Kachari Kingdom which existed from mid-16th to mid-18th century. Situated at a distance of about 45kms from Haflong, this place takes pride in its 12th century monolithic Ramchandni Temple of Kachari Kings. The Mahur river runs through Maibong.
Haflong makes for an ideal and peaceful holiday destination for camp lovers and nature enthusiasts.

Destination at a Glance
How to reach

The nearest airport is the Barapani airport (Meghalaya) which is located at a distance of 252km. Guwahati airport is at a distance of 345kms from Haflong. Nearest railway station is the Lower Haflong station which is at a close distance of 3kms from the main town. Lumding Junction is another railhead close to Haflong. Government and private buses operate at regular intervals connecting the hill station to the main parts of Assam. 

Best time to visit
October to April.