Namphake Village

Naharkatia, Assam
Namphake Village

Known for its esteemed beautiful Buddhist monastery, Namphake village is situated in the Upper Assam town of Naharkatiya, along the banks of the Dihing river which is a tributary of the mighty Brahmaputra river. Dibrugarh town is also not far from this place. This charming and colourful village has an alluring old-world charm.

A home to 150 odd families of the Tai-Phakes community (a branch of the great Tai race), Namphake village is the largest of the Tai-Phake villages of Assam. The people residing in this village practise Buddhism. The village folk communicate in a dialect which is identical to the language in Thailand and ensue the traditional customs and dress code of the great Tai race. What is remarkable here is the preservation of Thai culture as well as Assamese Buddhist culture by the village people. Another noteworthy feature of this village is the assertion that police have never entered their premises. Whatever dispute comes up among the people, the monks take responsibility of settling any sort of feuds. The residents of this village are dependent on herbal method of curing or traditional method of healing. They are against modern medicinal facilities. Tourist can also have an insight into Tai-Phake culture and living styles.

Amidst Namphake village is the magnificent and delightful Buddhist monastery, which serves as a major tourist attraction of Assam. Because of its exclusive natural surroundings and tranquil ambience, the monastery can be seen as centre for meditation. Apart from the monastery, other tourist attractions in Namphake village are NongMungchiringta (Musulinda Tank), Ashoka Pillar, Pagoda and traditional stilt houses.

There is also a Tai-Phakey Eco Tourism Camp which was established in order to promote eco-tourism. The historical place of Tipam along with the DehingPatkai Sanctuary are the tourist attraction spots. The camp is equipped with various cottages. This place is worth a visit. One can enjoy a picnic at the Buridihing river, trekking and bird-watching.

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The nearest airport is the Dibrugarh airport and the nearest railway junction is in Dibrugarh. It is well connected with Dibrugarh and Sivasagar by road.