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Podi-Barbi festival

The ‘Podi-Barbi’ is a harvest festival celebrated by the Ramo, Pai-Libo and Bokar communities of Mechukha  sub-tribe of the Adi ,West Siang  District of Arunachal Pradesh, It is an Agricultural festival celebrated every year on the month of December in the harvesting season, This festival manifests the magnificent cultural heritage and traditions of the communities.

Chalo Loku festival

Winter is the best time for Arunachal Pradesh to soak in the joy of festivals. Amid biting coldwave, the Nocte people in Tirap district celebrate Chalo Loku with much fanfare and excitement. The agriculture based event falls on November 25 where the colourful people makes it an occasion to participate in joy and merriment. 'Cha' means Paddy, 'Lo' means Season and 'Loku' which means festival.

Chindang festival

Chindang  Festival of Sajolang (Mijis) at Nafra East Kameng Dist in Arunachal Pradesh The Festival celebrations are being organised at various villages including Nafra, Bomdila, Bhalukpong-Tipi, Lada Chindang .

Keh-Me-Ha festival

Keh-Meh-Ha festival is an agricultural festivals of the Idu  Mishmis tribe of Lower Dibang  Valley and Lohit district of the Arunachal Pradesh .It is the post harvest  festival which celebrated every  year on the advent of winter season annually on September 24.

Etor festival

Arunachal Pradesh is a land of festival. Not even a single month is allowed to pass off without a festival. Etor, the name of a huge festival of Adi community in East Siang district draws no less foreign and domestic tourists. It is, precisely, a agriculture-based festival with traditional pomp and gaiety in various parts of the state.

Moh-Mol Festival

The Tangsa people in Arunachal Pradesh are known for festivity. They showcase their tradition and culture in the spring festival which they call Moh-Mol festival. The pre harvest festival of drums, bongs, cymbols and folk dances is basically celebrated in Changlang district dominated by the Tangsa people.

“Bong” is their traditional musical instrument which is played in the celebrations in the Tangsa villages. The festival highlight the indigenous “Sapolo” folk dance which is the most popular among the Tangsa community.

Longte Festival

Spring in Arunachal Pradesh is a season of festivals. Festivity grips the land of rising sun where the tribal people never miss the chance to share the joy. The pan-Nyishi people in the tribal state celebrate Longte festival with much pomp and gaiety providing the tourists a chance to get a glimpse of their tradition and culture. The Nyishi people dominated areas dress afresh with the advent of the season. The celebration is huge in Koloriang and Kra Daadi where they vow to keep the “Longte" alive.

Gumkum-Gumpa Festival

Gumkum-Gumpa festival celebrated by Puroik community other backward tribe with a minimum population Puroiks are found maximum in East Kameng.,The Puroik people are a tribe of the hill-tracts of Arunachal Pradesh in India.

Total persons approximately residing in East Kameng, Papum Pare, and Kurung Kumey districts jointly celebrated mega Gumkum-Gumpa festival in a suitable manner at Abotani Manch,

Seppa from 13 to 15 April 2013,Unfortunately, as of now the tribe puroik is "Sullung" tribe recognized and renamed as Puroik by the state govt. ​

Sangken Festival

Sangken, the festival of water brings no less joy to the Khamptis in the Lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh. Literally, "Sang ken" comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Sankranti’. Water dominates the community festival in mid April marking the start of the traditional Khampti new year where the colourful tribal people showcase their culture and tradition. Water is needed to cleanse the village apart from the remaining ritual where they sprinkle water on each other. They do it as a mark of love and respect among them. Some of them call the water pouring tradition a sprinkling of blessings.

Pongtu Festival

Here comes the Pongtu Kun. It’s a festival showcasing the socio cultural life of the Tutsa community of Arunachal Pradesh in April. Pongtu is one of the oldest agricultural festivals, celebrated, mostly, in in Tirap and Changlang districts. Literally, Pongtu stands for “pong" which means wind while "Tu" means season. It’s the season of wind.

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