Uying-Aran Festival

Unying-Aran festival celebrated by the Adi community Unying-Aran Gí:dí, the first festival of the Adi new year with  the traditional spirits, at Naharlagun.
Unying-Aran festival celebrated by the Adi tribe  one of the oldest festivals of the Adi community commemorating the arrival of spring season,which is traditionally represent by the performances of "Bari" songs by male elders and"Yakjong" dance in villages was performed by boys and girls through which they narrate stories of origin of the festival and also prayed for wellbeing of peoples both essentially and spiritually.

Unying-Aran the festival is celebrated to bid farewell to prosperous, vibrant, youthful past (winter season in which minimum suffering and bountiful of harvest crops exist) and welcoming of New Year indicates by sound of birds like Pipur, Pakkom, Todí-Kurkur and others. "It is strongly believed that those who celebrate with full faith and believe to this festival, the 'Kojum-Koje' will bless them for prosperity. So, the Unying/Donggin Sobos (mithuns) are being sacrificed during Unying-Aran",generally while reading the festival mythology. Aran festival being the first and one of the biggest festivals of Adi tribe . Aran community during festival  greetings to all the  peoples and exhorted them to celebrate all the festivals cutting across the community lines together to foster communal harmony and peaceful coexistence among all.