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Part 1

Well since the last time i visited this site it has really, well evolved to say the least. The new look page is refreshing and unecessary hate mail is no longer an eyesore. Well now that we have finally settled our differences i guess we can get down to real conversations. By the looks of the membership in this site i guess it'll turn out to be more of a monologue. But, nonetheless this is a great platform for me to practise my typing and thinking skills.

Introduction! Think of a good topic!
MMM. THINK??? think, think. think. ??Clueless??
Ever realised how it's so easy to talk but when it's time to sit down and type something meaningful it's an ardous chore. Never mind. I've got it! The Topic of the day is: How do we make this site more popular. We've got a catchy name for the site, It's done up in blue and white! And God! (i mean the editor has done his best to bring in the crowds. Then why don't we have full fledged chatrooms! and activity and teen stuff! WHY? Someone Once quoted, (famous i guess) Anybody can produce anything. But to market it? Ah! That takes Genius! We need marketing, money, writers, people, a few idiots to poke at, more writers... In short people. And that's the funny thing! The only thing that makes sites work are dating (provided there are women not bots that display the sleazy messages that make you feel that you're in some online red light area), and freebie sites/ or ticketing sites.

Anyway, Since i'm not one of those geniuses, (Enough of pokey, pokey the editor, i mean poor chap has feelings as well after all his hard work), nor have i made a million, or been invited to forums, discussions, and all the fanfare that young writers lust after, and the fact that my last essay was about a very unpleasant visit to the dentist which lasted for about 300 words until i guess i passed out from inhaling pure carbon dioxide? I'm pretty happy that this forum only has a few members so whoever bothers to read it will pass on just a few bad vibes.

So, that was just an introduction on how i'm planning to entertain everyone! Did i say entertain! I can also be awfully boring!

Our Land, Our People, Our Meghalaya ...
To be contd...