Hot Tourist Destinations of Northeast


Kaziranga Florican

Kaziranga Florican is located by the National Highway 37 (ASEAN Highway 1) at Kohora in the heart of Kaziranga National Park, Assam. Here attention to details create a soothing blend of warm, effortless service and harmonious spaces!


WINGS Capacity Building Pvt. Ltd. exists for building capacities of rural communities for improving economic certainties and social well being. It is operating in the North Eastern States of India.

Chandra singh Home Stay

Come and explore the beautiful green Karbi foothill landscape with an experience in peaceful coexistence with wildlife. The village, under Karbianglong Autonomous Council, where the visitors can look forward to warm hearted Karbi hospitality and an insight into the unique life culture and craft of the region the delicate art forms of Karbi traditional dance and music are a highlight of the experience.

Jupuri Ghar

This property is located inside the Kohora Tourist Complex and used to be run by Assam Tourism. Recently, the property was leased by Network and the result is a small but pleasant property of eight standalone cottages and an open-air restaurant. cottages are fitted with air-conditioners and geysers. Power back-up facilities has been provided in case of outages. Ideal location for staying and exploring the surrounding areas.- Within vicinity of Kaziranga National Park & very close to the entrance.