Bordowa Than

17 kms from Nagaon, Assam
Bordowa Than

Batadrava Than also referred to as ‘Bordowa Than’ is situated in Bordowa in the Nagaon district of Assam. The word ‘Than’ is used by the Assamese society to refer to a sacred place. Founded by SrimantaShankardev, he set up the first ever Kirtanghar (prayer hall) in this Than in the year 1468. Another significant fact attached to Bordowa Than is that the Saint SrimantaShankardev was born at Alipukhuri – Bordowa in 1449. On his arrival from the 12-year long pilgrimage, he started teaching his Vaishnavite religious beliefs which were based on Bhagavad Purana, on a regular basis and in an organized manner.

Bordowa Than remains the first institution set up by SrimantaShankardev for preaching of ‘EkSarana Nama Dharma’. His motto was that one should worship just one God who is Lord Sri Krishna. There is no unnecessary ritual practice in his religion. Also regarded as the DvitiyaVaikuntha (second Heaven), this Than became the foundation of his religious activities.

Along with the Kirtanghar or Naamghar, SrimantaShankardev also constructed the ‘Monikut’ and ‘Cari-Hati’ (four clusters of quarters) for settlement of his disciples. The ‘Simhasana or Guru Asana’ (altar of God) is installed in the Monikut with the holy scripture of ‘Bhagavata’ on it. The Saint used to practise ‘NaamPrasanga’ (singing of hymns) in the Kirtanghar along with his disciples, on a regular basis. The Thans or Satras established by SrimantaShankardev are Gangmou, Belaguri, Patbausi, Kumarkuchi, Sunpora and Madhupur. In the later years many different Thans or Satras were founded by his followers all over the Brahmaputra basin.

Devotees from all across the globe come here to see a sacred Silikha tree (Myrobalan)near the Kirtanghar, under which SrimantaShankardev used to write scriptures. What is interesting is that the tree is still alive even after 500 centuries.

Bordowa Than is one of the significant places of worship. The spiritualism, the dynamic cultural and traditional heritage enthrals the Vaishnavites to this place.

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Bordowa Than is well connected by air, rail and road. Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport, Guwahati is the nearest airport. Nearest railway junction is Haiborgaon at Chaparmukh which is 28km from Nagaon town. By road, NH-36 and 37 provide easy access to important places of Nagaon district.

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