East Kameng

Chindang festival

Chindang  Festival of Sajolang (Mijis) at Nafra East Kameng Dist in Arunachal Pradesh The Festival celebrations are being organised at various villages including Nafra, Bomdila, Bhalukpong-Tipi, Lada Chindang .

Gumkum-Gumpa Festival

Gumkum-Gumpa festival celebrated by Puroik community other backward tribe with a minimum population Puroiks are found maximum in East Kameng.,The Puroik people are a tribe of the hill-tracts of Arunachal Pradesh in India.

Total persons approximately residing in East Kameng, Papum Pare, and Kurung Kumey districts jointly celebrated mega Gumkum-Gumpa festival in a suitable manner at Abotani Manch,

Seppa from 13 to 15 April 2013,Unfortunately, as of now the tribe puroik is "Sullung" tribe recognized and renamed as Puroik by the state govt. ‚Äč

Sarok Festival

Sarok celebration marks the prayer to the mother earth for well being. It further aims at doing away with the evil spirits. Sarok is the supreme authority over all living beings and the festival belongs to the Akas of the East Kameng district in Arunachal Pradesh. Sarok, precisely, is a hat made of bamboo strips and dried banana leaves. They make it an occasion of enthusiasm and traditional frevor at Bana festival celebration ground in East Kameng district.

East Kameng